List of Accepted Papers

Following is the list of accepted APS/URSI 2019 papers, sorted by paper title. You can use the search feature of your web browser to find your paper number. Notifications to all authors have also been sent by email. If you have not received your notification of the results by email, please contact us at

20601D Array Antennas In Tandem for a Large Gain and Moving the Direction of the End-Fire Beam
12491D Slotted Waveguide Antenna with Controlled Beamwidth and Sidelobe Level Ratio
27792 ×2 and 4 ×4 MIMO Antennas for 5G mm-Wave Wireless Communication
19772.5 GHz Meshed Inset-Fed Patch Antenna
154428 GHz Side-Edge Loop Antenna with End-Fire Radiation Polarized Vertically to Substrate
111728GHz High-Gain Array Antenna using Stacked EBG
18302D conformal wideband phased array antenna system
16952D Flat Lens Antenna Based on Metamaterials Printed Elements
15262-D Pattern Reconfigurable Array Antenna with Excitation Phase Difference Circuit
21782D Periodic Leaky-Wave Antennas in the Microwave and Optical Regimes
18942D Physical Optics Analysis of the Focal Region of Parallel-Plate Waveguide Lenses
20882-Port Antenna with Matching Network for Dual-band IoT Terminal
21693:1 Bandwidth Dual Polarized Feeds for Compact Range and Near Field Probes
151532-GHz outdoor-to-indoor channel measurement of propagation losses and delay spread
13183D Beamforming Phased Array Using Nolen Matrix
16413D Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering by Magneto-Dielectric Objects with Arbitrary Anisotropy in Layered Uniaxial Media
17403D Multiscale Unconditionally Stable Time-Domain Modeling of Nonlinear RF Thin Film Magnetic Devices
27043D Printed 2.45 GHz Yagi-Uda Loop Antenna Utilizing Microfluidic Channels and Liquid Metal
11063D Printed Inhomogeneous Microwave Lense of an Arbitrary Shape
21293D Printed Inverted-F Antenna and Temperature Sensor Using Microfluidics Technologies
23753D Printed Magneto-Electric Phased Array Antenna with Integrated Analog Beamforming for sub-6 GHz Frequency Band
14303D Printed Modular Origami Inspired Dielectrics for Frequency Tunable Antennas
25963D-Printable Perforated Dielectric Reflectarray in Ka-band
18403D-Printed Double-Ridged Waveguide Array Antenna targeting High-Efficiency Ku-band SatCom on The Move Applications
25713D-Printed Scanning Dielectric Lens Antenna
12644×4 Broadband Butler Matrix and Its Application in Antenna Arrays
14694-40 GHz Permittivity Measurements of Indoor Building Materials
15964x4 Circularly Polarized Antenna Array for Ambient RF Energy Harvesting
22174x4 MIMO Antenna Elements Fed by Microstrip Ridge Gap Waveguide
16215D Array Synthesis for Future Radar Array Antenna Design
22765G Broadband Antenna for sub-6 GHz Wireless Applications
10865G MIMO Antenna System for Mobile Terminals
227960 GHz Modeling Study for an Access Point in a Residential House
19626-D Integrals for Numerical Evaluation by Double Application of the Divergence Theorem
15736G-Next Decade Wireless Technology
225877 GHz Screen Printed, Flexible, Beam-Switching Antenna Array for Wearable Radar Applications
1844A 1-bit Reconfigurable Reflectarray Element with Independent Dual-band Phase Controlling Capability
1245A 1x4 power divider capable of implementing any phase difference output based on a slow-wave substrate integrated waveguide
1253A 24 GHz ISM Band Doppler Radar System for Moving Target Sensing
1865A 3-D printed circularly polarized filtering antenna
2381A 3D Printed Compact PIFA for 5G Applications
2423A 3D Printed Fragmented Aperture Antenna
1638A 3D Printed Lens Antenna for 5G Applications
2383A 3D Printed UHF Passive RFID tag for Plastic Components
1881A 3-D Printing Ka-band twisted waveguide filter with filtering and polarization rotation
1806A 5G Antenna Array Placed Close to a 4G Antenna
1863A 60 GHz LTCC Magneto-Electric Dipole Phased Array with Symmetric Hybrid Feeding Network
1737A Bandwidth Reconfigurable Multiband Fractal Antenna For Wireless Applications
2460A Blending Algorithm for Atmospheric Refractivity Using 1-Dimensional Boundary Layer Modeling
1274A Broadband Array with Unbalanced Feeds: Elements and Power Combiners Based on the Fragmented Aperture Principle
1171A Broadband Dipole Array Based on Bandstop Frequency Selective Surfaces
2647A Broadband H-Plane Patch Antenna Decoupling Technique
1939A Broadband Mutimode Antenna Based on the Theory of Characteristic Mode
1731A Broadside Three-Port Antenna for 5G Massive MIMO Antenna Systems
1867A Capacitive Loaded CRLH in Reversal Triple band MIMO Antenna
2265A Capacity Reconfigurable Multimode Origami MIMO Antenna
1928A Characteristic Mode Based Decoupling Approach
1697A Circuit-based Approach to the Synthesis of 2-D Omega Materials
1632A Circular Polarized Four-Beam Antenna for Direction of Arrival Applications at 2.45GHz
1220A Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna Array for Ku-Band Data-Link
1509A Circularly Polarized Planar 2×2 Dipole Array Antenna Fed by a Modified 4-way Gysel Power Divider
1879A circularly polarized printed monopole antenna for Radar application
2727A Classification Scheme for Wireless Channel Models Across the Development Life Cycle
1538A Compact 1-Bit Reconfigurable Folded Reflectarray Antenna
2732A Compact 2 by 2 Printed Yagi-Uda Antenna Array with Enhanced Isolation and Gain
1788A Compact and High Gain Dielectric-Loaded 60GHz Multi-Stepped Waveguide Antenna Array.
1209A Compact Beam Steering DRA Antenna for Wireless Power Transfer
1847A Compact Broadband Phase-Inverter-Based Two-Section Forward Coupler for Sub-6-GHz Band
1598A compact dual band ring antenna with embedding grounded patches
2193A compact Dual Polarized FSS loaded 4G/5G Antenna for MIMO Applications
2083A Compact EBG for High Isolation Between Two Very Closeby Wire-Antennas for RFID Tags
2351A Compact Efficient D-Band Micromachined On-Chip Differential Patch Antenna for Radar Applications
2826A Compact Electrically Tunable VHF Antenna
1076A Compact High Gain X-Band Patch Antenna for Cube and Small Satellite Applications
1843A Compact Metasurface Based Cross Polarization Converter for X Band Applications
2632A Compact Platform-Based Antenna for an Unmanned Ground Vehicle
2013A Compact Probe for EM Side-Channel Attacks on Cryptographic Systems
1256A Compact Radome Mounted Monopulse Antenna for Direction-Finding Applications
1622A Compact Series Array for Vehicular Communication in the C-Band
1874A compact size and low profile rectangular slot monopole antenna for UWB body centric applications.
1418A Compact Tri-Band Antenna for Vehicle Communication and Navigation Applications
2048A Compact Wideband Dual-polarized Millimeter Wave Antenna for 5G Smartphones
2633A Compact, Zero-Power and Low-Noise Harmonic-Transponder for Liquid and Moisture Sensing
2043A Comparison Between Grey Wolf and Invasive Weed Optimizations Applied to Microstrip Filters
1051A Comparison of Path Loss Variations in Soil using Planar and Dipole Antennas
2803A comparison of spatial interpolation methods to determine the coverage area of a wireless system
2620A Computational Network Model of Healthy Mammalian Retina Connectome
1923A convenient rewriting to the 2D inverse scattering problem based on the reduced scattered field
1205A CSRR and SRR Based Ultrawideband MIMO Antenna with Band-Notched Characteristics
2442A Defected Ground Structure for Circularly Polarized (CP) Microstrip Antenna Design
2378A Deployable and Reconfigurable Origami Antenna for Extended Mobile Range
1545A Deployable Metamaterial Reflectarray Antenna for Microsatellite Application
1094A DGTD Algorithm with Dynamic h-Adaptation and Multirate Time Integration Techniques for EM--Plasma Interaction Simulations
2134A DGTD-Based Multiscale Simulator for Electromagnetic Multiphysics Problems
1507A Dichroic Plate with Rounded Corners for NASA’s 34m Beam Waveguide Antenna
2710A Directive Circularly Polarized Planar Yagi Array Antenna
2665A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Solution of Two Dimensional Axisymmetric Radiative Transfer Problem
1934A Dodecahedron Sequential Rotation Antenna Array for Space Division Multiple Access
1851A Double Sided Bow-tie Antenna Array for Broadband Communications and Performance Study of Controlling Ground Plane
1859A Dual Band and Dual Circular Polarization Radial Line Slot Antenna
1938A Dual Band Circular Polarized Antenna Array based on the Sequential Arrangement of Non-identical Disc Patches
1792A Dual Band UWB antenna for WCE Systems
1652A Dual-band and Dual-polarized Aperture Antenna for 5G Millmeter-wave Applications
1675A Dual-Band Beam-Switching Antenna Using Square Active Frequency Selective Surfaces
1175A Dual-Band Bifilar Helical Antenna With Parasitic Parallelogram Loops
2246A Dual-Band Dual-Circularly Polarized Pyramidal Horn Antenna
1240A Dual-band Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Surface
2475A Dual-Band Millimeter-Wave Antenna for 5G Mobile Applications
2328A Dual-Band Origami FSS
1504A Dual-band Rectenna with Improved RF-DC Sensitivity for Wireless Energy Harvesting
1344A Dual-band Strain Sensor Based On Pop-up Half Wavelength Dipole Antenna
1528A Dual-polarized FSS on a Single Substrate using Highly-coupled Interlayer Inductance
2050A Dual-Polarized Multi-Antenna Structure for Simultaneous Transmission of Wireless Information and Power
2791A Fabrication Compatible On-chip Linear Tapered Slot Antenna with CPW Feed
2319A Fast and Accurate Transfer Function Validation Strategy Using Rotational Invariant Lead Trajectories
2382A Fast Macromodeling Approach to Simulate Complex Electromagnetic Surfaces
2300A Fast Method to Estimate Peak Local SAR under MRI With RF Shimming
1280A Fast Solver for Scattering of Multiple Arbitrary-shaped PEC Objects by T-matrix Method
2699A Feasibility Study of Sparse Reflectarray Antennas
2453A Ferromagnetic Resonance Measurement System for Small Volume Magnetic Nanowires
1238A Flat Luneberg Lens Antenna for Wide-Angle Beam Scanning
1980A Four-Corner-Fed Slotted Waveguide Sparse Array for Near-Field Focusing
2831A Four-Element Digital Array Receiver at 2.4 GHz Using a Single Frequency-Multiplexed ADC
1378A Frequency Multiplier and Phase Modulation Approach for Mechanical Antennas Operating at Super Low Frequency (SLF) Band
1287A Frequency-Reconfigurable Magnetic Monopole Antenna Based on Quarter-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide
1107A Frequency-Tunable Dual-Band Single-Layer Shorted Multi-Ring Microstrip Antenna Fed by an L-probe with Varactor Diodes
2657A Full-Duplex Radio Using a CMOS Non-Magnetic Circulator Achieving +95 dB Overall SIC
1873A Fundamental Study of Folded Monopole Antenna with Robustness to Metal
2649A Generalized Technique to Accurately Predict Conformal Antenna Arrays
1823A Glass-Integrated Ferrite FM Antenna for Vehicle Telematics
2601A Golay Complementary Coded Through-the-Wall Radar for Moving Target Indication
1199A Ground-based Ultra-wideband Ultra-high Frequency Mills Cross Array for Ice Sounding
1798A High Gain Broadband Quasi-Yagi Dielectric Lens Antenna for 5G and Millimeter Wave Applications
1774A High Gain Rectenna For Energy Harvesting Applications
1951A high gain slotted waveguide array filtering antenna
1277A High Performance Terahertz Metalens
2155A Higher-order Explicit Marching-on-in-time for Analysis of Transient Acoustic Scattering from Rigid Objects
1764A High-Gain Quad-Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna
1795A High-Performance Computing Cloud-Based Ray-Tracing Platform – CloudRT
2534A High-Performance Double-Layer Frequency Selective Surface with Miniaturized Unit Cells
1260A Hybrid Sub-Gridded FDTD for Efficient Time Reversal Simulation
1311A Hybrid Uniform/Periodic Dual-Mode Dielectric Grating Leaky-Wave Antenna
1822A K/Ka Shared-Aperture DRA Array with High Isolation
2800A K-band SIW High Gain Planar Antenna with Parabolic Metalized Via-holes Reflector
2047A Krylov-Subspace-Exponential Time Integration Scheme for 3-D Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Methods
1919A Large Scale FDTD Analysis of Cross Polarization Characteristics for Wireless Link Design of 4.4 GHz-band WAIC Systems inside and outside Aircraft Cabin
1649A Log-Periodic based Broadband Reject Filter for Dielectric Constant Characterization
1910A Low Profile Flexible Circularly Polarized Antenna for Wearable and WLAN Applications
2212A Low-cost and Compact X-band Near Field Antenna Measurement System
1593A Low-cost CPW-fed Conformal Antenna for Wearable Applications
1303A Low-cost Light-weight 3D-printed Choke Ring for Multipath Mitigation for GNSS Antennas
1717A Low-Profile Bull’s-eye Antennas for Dual-Band Applications
1512A Low-Profile Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Base Station Antenna Array for Sub-6 GHz Applications
1226A Low-Profile Wideband Connected Dipole Array with Compact Balun and Power Divider
1114A Low-Profile Wideband Connected Slot Array for Wide-Angle Scanning
1612A LTE Band Integrated 5G Antenna Design using Characteristic Mode Analysis
1484A Machine Learning Based 77 GHz Radar Target Classification for Autonomous Vehicles
2619A Machine Learning Based First-Order Sea Clutter Region Extraction Method for HFSWR
2356A Massive MIMO Array Antenna Incorporating Filtering Sub-Arrays
2450A Measurements Based Characterization of Fading in Indoor Millimeter-Wave Distributed Antenna Systems
1232A Metafilm Based on Magnetic-Metamaterial-Lined Discs
1659A Meta-Surface Antenna Array Decoupling (MAAD) Method for Two Linear Polarized Compact Antenna Elements at 3.5GHz
2441A Metasurface with Controlled Angular Phase Dispersion for Continuous Illumination Angles
2118A method for achieving 2-bit phase quantization for reconfigurable reflectarray antennas having single radiating layers
2547A Method for Detection of Walls and Large Flat Surfaces in Through-the-wall SAR Imaging
1089A Method for the Measurement of RF Absorber using Spectral Domain Transformations
1734A Microwave Tomography System Using Time-Reversal Imaging
1765A MIMO Antenna Array for 5G Mobile Terminals
2554A MIMO Communication System with Fixed and Reconfigurable Band Notch Antennas
2781A Minaturized and Reconfigurable On-chip Slot Antenna for RFID Applications
1101A Modified Beckmann-Kirchhoff Scattering Model for Slightly Rough Surfaces at Terahertz Frequencies
1571A Modified Magnetoelectric Dipole Antenna for Microwave Imaging
2689A modified test fixture using parallel strips for measuring attenuation of the dielectric rod
1845A Modified Vivaldi Antenna with Low Self-reflectivity for Bone Health Detection
1310A Modified-Binomial Linear Array with Reduced Grating Lobes and One-Wavelength Element Spacing
2459A Multilayer Dielectric Filled Radial Substrate Integrated Waveguide Slot Antenna
2405A Multi-Level Reconstruction Algorithm for Electrical Capacitance Tomography Based on Modular Deep Neural Networks
2209A Multi-Resolution Evolutionary Programming Technique For GPR Applications
2563A Near-Field Microwave Biosensor for Glucose Concentration Level Detection
1305A New Approach to Design High Directivity, Compact Omnidirectional CP Antenna Arrays
1436A New Design Tool for Shaping the Radiation Pattern of Patch Antennas
1439A new dual-polarized slot-coupled dielectric rod antenna for wireless applications
1819A New FDTD Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) Model Constructed by the Machine Learning
1741A new Gradient Descent Positioning Method in Wireless Sensor Network Based on Received Signal Strength
2433A New Look at the Finite Element Particle-in-Cell Method
2561A New Millimeter Wave FMCW Radar Target Simulator Based on Frequency Synchronization
2768A non-iterative time-domain sidelobe suppression in doppler shifted LFM waveforms
2702A Novel 3D and Inkjet Printed Pressure-sensing Button-shaped Resonator
2396A Novel 60-cm Nonsherical 3-D Printed Voxelized Lens Antenna: Design, Fabrication and Measurement
1542A novel beam-steering method at the carrier frequency with time modulated array
1929A Novel Bio-Inspired Quasi-Yagi Helical Antenna with Beam Direction and Beamwidth Switching Capability using Origami DNA
1322A Novel Broadband Microstrip Array Antenna with Beam Tilt
2806A Novel Class of Super-Elliptical Vivaldi Antennas with Enhanced Radiation Properties
1547A Novel Coding Metasurface Unit for Reconfigurable Reflectors
2745A Novel Compact High-Gain Filtenna Using Gap ‎Waveguide Technology
1080A Novel Conformal Travelling-Wave Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Design
2371A Novel Deployable Compact Lens Antenna Based on Gradient-Index Metamaterials
1446A Novel Design of Multiband Antenna Based on Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm
1237A Novel Diagnostics Method for Determining the Unknown Permittivity Profile of 3D Printed Lenses
1306A Novel Dipole-Moment-Based Approach for Analyzing Scattering from Quasi-Periodic Structures
1202A Novel Dual Polarized Tunable Frequency Selective Surface With Varactors
1492A Novel Dual-band 28/38 GHz Slotted Microstip MIMO Antenna for 5G Mobile Applications
1617A Novel Hybrid Coupler Design based on the Concept of Balanced Loaded Transmission Lines
1889A Novel Multi-user Spatial Modulation-based Code Division Multiple Access Scheme
1082A Novel Numerical Technique for Analyzing Metasurfaces
1207A Novel OAM Generator with Third Order meta-FSS
1316A Novel Planar Microstrip Line Comparator Network for Monopulse Tracking Radar System
1482A Novel Scheme for Evaluating Hypersingular Volume Integrals over Tetrahedral Elements
1870A Novel Self-restrained Decoupling Technique for Two Antennas
1244A novel structure for VHF band dipole antenna miniaturization
2017A Novel Technique to Reduce Truncation Error in Near-Field Measurements
2069A Novel Triple Band Antenna for WLAN Application
1183A Novel Ultra-wideband Communication System Using an Analog Time-reversal Module
2081A Novel UWB Antenna For Wireless Communication Systems Using Genetic Algorithms
1752A Novel Wide Band Fractal-based Leaky Wave Antenna with Array Patches
2662A Novel Wideband Millimeter Wave Integrated Substrate Gap Waveguide Patch Antenna
2685A Numerical Modelling Approach towards Radar Cross Section Characterization of Airborne Insects
2612A Partially Coherent Approach for Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Random Layered Media with 3D Rough Interfaces
1812A Passive Beam Reconfigurable Antenna System for Millimeter-wave Applications
1365A Patch Antenna with Liquid Crystal Elastomer Switching for Passive RFID Temperature Sensing
1068A Path Loss Model for Through the Soil Wireless Communications in Digital Agriculture
2467A Performance Analysis of Schottky Diode to support RF Energy Harvesting
2142A Physical Optics Simulator for Dielectric Bodies Characterization Using a Multistatic Radar
2458A Physics-Driven Deep Neural Network for Inversion of Electromagnetic Logging in Subsurface Sensing and Borehole Characterization
2149A Pilot Study of the Effects of Soil Moisture and Training Data Diversity on the Accuracy of Machine-Learning-Based Microwave Sensing for Cranberry Yield Estimation
1081A Planar Multi-Beam Antenna Array
1164A Planar Ultrawideband Wide-angle Scanning Tightly Coupled Array Loaded With Metal Strips
2447A Platform Green’s Function Method for In-Situ Antenna Analysis and Design
1137A Practical Wireless Power Transmission Coil System based on Microstrip with Ferrite Layer
2369A PSK Modulation Scheme for Sensor Integrated RFIDs
2762A Quasi-optical Testbed for Terahertz On-Wafer Device and Circuit Characterization
1447A Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition System using 24 GHz Radar Array
1093A reconfigurable antenna element for improved physical layer control
2568A reconfigurable antenna to facilitate spectrum management in AWS-3
2398A Reconfigurable K/Ka Band Filtenna Using a Double Arm Ring Resonator
2406A Reconfigurable UWB MIMO Antenna for Indoor and Outdoor Communication Applications
2065A Reconfigurable Wideband Feeding Network for Polarization Diverse Antenna Arrays
1427A Rectangular Waveguide Antenna with Filtering and Beam-steering Capabilities
2131A Refinement-Free Calderon preconditioner for the Symmetric Formulation of the EEG Forward Problem
1069A Repeater Optimization Methodology for Global Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Interconnects
2401A Resonant-Free Integral Formulation for EM Scattering from Electrically Large High-Q Cavities
2814A Retro-reflective Scheme for Wireless Power transmission in Fully Enclosed Environments
2694A Review of JPL Deployable CubeSat Antennas
2273A Robotic Pattern Measurement System for 60 GHz Antenna Arrays
2320A Rydberg Atom-Based Mixer for Phase and Weak Signal Detection
1803A Semi-Circular Slot Textile Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Applications
1559A Series-fed Cavity-back Patch Array Antenna for a Miniaturized 77GHz Radar Module
1187A Shared-Aperture Broadband Circularly Polarized Antenna for Satellite Communications and Navigation
1217A Side-edge Frame Printed Eight-Element Antenna Array for Quad-Band MIMO Operations in the 5G Smartphone
2331A Simple High-Performance First-Order P-Band Probe for Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements
2015A Simple Method for Including the Antenna Pattern in Interfered Wireless Communications
1083A Simple Technique for EBG Design for Monopole Antenna Isolation Improvement
1185A SIW Leaky-Wave Beam Scanning Array
1039A SIW Uniform Circular Antenna Array for 5G Applications Fed By a Radially-symmetric Eight-way SIW Power Divider
1653A Slot Antenna for Non-invasive Detection of Blood Constituents Concentrations
2792A Slotted Circular Patch Antenna with Wideband Filtering Characteristics
2343A Stabilized Marching-on-in-Degree Solution of Time Domain Combined Field Integral Equation
1728A Stable 3-D FDTD Method with Multiple Embedded Reduced-Order Models
1456A stable sub-gridding with time and spatial refinements for the FDTD method
1945A Stepped-Ring Fabry Perot Cavity Antenna for Millimeter Wave Applications
2755A Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filtering Slot Antenna Array
1815A Switchable Reflection-Type Linear/Circular Polarizers Based on Active Metasurface
1416A Target Recognition Based NLOS Identification Algorithm
1882A Technique for reduction of Mutual Coupling by Steering Surface Wave Propagation
2479A Thick Origami Four-Patch Array
2507A Tightly Coupled Array Loaded On a Miura-Ori Pattern
1564A Time-Domain Dual-Field Finite-Element Domain-Decomposition Boundary-Integral Method for Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis
1984A Total-Variation Compressive Processing Approach to Two-Dimensional Field Reconstruction
2487A Tri-Band Dual-Polarized Slot-Ring Antenna for Array Design
1438A Tri-band Shared-Aperture Antenna for Wi-Fi MIMO and Beam-Scanning Wi-Gig Applications
1854A Triple-band Millimeter Wave SIW Antenna with Dual-Sense Circular Polarization
1453A tunable ferroelectric unit cell for wideband beam-steering reflectarray antennas
2714A Two-Component Compact 2-D FDFD Method for Waveguide Structures with ARPACK
1475A Two-Dimensional LC-Network Metamaterial on an Irregular Grid
1858A Unit-Cell Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme for Analyzing Plasmonic Photomixers
1779A V2X Communication System Test on Sea
1302A Vanadium Dioxide Microbolometer in the Transition Region for Millimeter Wave Imaging
1922A Wearable Reconfigurable Electromagnetic Metamaterial Absorber using Artificial Magnetic Inclusions
2051A Well-Conditioned Differential Surface Admittance Formulation for Modeling Penetrable Media
2124A Wide Band Meta- Surface Enhancement of Mutual Coupling in SatCom / 5G Antenna Applications
1452A Wide Coverage S-Band Array with Dual Polarized Connected Bowtie Antenna Elements
1160A Wideband Compact Filtering Array Antenna Using Two Sections L-CRLH Impedance Transformer
1254A Wideband Dual-Polarized End-Fire Antenna Array with A Single-Layer Feed Method
1258A Wideband Endfire Antenna Using SWG-HIS Hybrid Structure
1313A Wideband Frequency Beam Scanning Antenna Based on the Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons
1956A Wideband High-Gain Conical Short Horn based on a Metasurface-corrected Lens
1887A Wideband High-Gain Horn Antenna for 140GHz Short-Range Wireless Communication
2222A Wideband Low-frequency Near-field Measurement System for Detecting Electromagnetic Emission from Biological Cells
1289A Wideband Low-Profile Circularly-Polarized Slotted Patch Antenna
1423A Wideband Top-Hat Loaded Monocone Antenna Using Shorting Strips
2485A WiFi Based Electromagnetic Visual Aid
1605A Yagi-Uda Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna for WiMAX Application
1077Accelerated Antenna Optimization Using Gradient Search with Selective Broyden Updates
2280Accelerated Cartesian Harmonics based framework for acceleration of retarded potentials
2233Acceleration of Finite Periodic Structures Analysis through Full-Domain Basis for Matrix Compression
2470Acceleration of Laser-Driven Light Sails with Size Comparable to the Beam
2614Accuracy Investigation of Single-Cut Near-Field Far-Field Transformation Technique Based on 2D Plane-Wave Expansion
2107Accuracy of the approximation of Dyadic Green's Function for Multilayered Uniaxial Anisotropic Medium
1178Accurate Homogenization of Layered Structures and a Breakdown of Effective Medium Theory
1757Accurate reconstruction of antenna radiation pattern from measurements in a small chamber
2215Accurate Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering by Conducting Objects Based on Nyström Method
1334Accurate Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering by Penetrable Objects with Changeable Shapes
2295Adaptive Beamforming in High-Interference Environments Using a Software-Defined Radio Array
2126Adaptive Equalization Super-Resolution Time Delay Estimation with High Accuracy and Low Complexity
2040Adaptive modulation for MU-MIMO-OFDM systems in Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks
2229Additively Manufactured Circular-Linear Polarization Converter using Circular Waveguide
1629Additively-Manufactured Cylindrical Array with Snap-fit Connector Integration
2312ADMM based Consensus and Sectioning Norm-1 Regularized Algorithm for Imaging with a CRA
1811Advanced 12×12 MIMO Antennas for Next Generation 5G Smartphones
2074Advanced Computational Tools for the Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Airborne Radomes
2125Advanced Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Methods for Challenging Engineering Problems
1047Aggressive Space Mapping Technique for Reconfigurable Hexagonal Patch Antenna Design
2508Agile Prototyping of E-band Devices
2472Airborne Measurement of Instrument Landing System Signals using a UAV
2303All-Dielectric Compound Metaoptics
2739All-Frequency Stable Potential-Based Formulation for Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation
1846All-Metal Dual-Frequency Circularly Polarized High Gain Antenna for potential Europa Lander
1523All-Metal Periodic Leaky-Wave Antenna for Endfire Radiation Based on Hansen-Woodyard Condition
2509An Acorn-shaped Folded Bowtie Antenna for UWB Radar Application
1584An Air Gap Loaded Low Profile Microstrip Antenna with Hanging Post Integrated Patch Surface: A New Approach to Reduce Cross Polarization Radiation
2325An Analog RF System with High Isolation for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR)
1670An Analytical Spectral Formulation to Determine the Antenna Phase Center
1727An Aperture-Coupled Dual-Polarized Stacked Patch Antenna for Multi-Layer Organic Package Integration
2737An application of the virtual transmission line model of an open-ended coaxial probe for dielectric properties characterization of biological tissues
1607An Asymmetric UHF RFID Tag Antenna with Multiple Slits Loading
1292An Easily Fabricated 3D Design for Increased Permittivity Range in Artificial Dielectric Layers
1588An Efficient and Broadband Metalens for X Band
2668An Efficient Basis-Free Loop-Star Preconditioner Using Sparse Direct Solvers
1514An Efficient Design Approach for Wideband Tightly Coupled Antenna Arrays
1153An Efficient FB-based Underground Channel Estimation for MIMO Mm-Wave Systems
1472An Electrically-Large and Multiply-Fed Holographic Antenna Based on Waveguide-Fed Metasurfaces
2336An Electronically-Steerable Parasitic Array Radiator (ESPAR) Using Microstrip-Line-Fed Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas in the E Plane
1110An Entire Domain Analysis of Very Large 2-D Scatterers in TM mode Using Gegenbauer Polynomials
1672An Equivalent ABCD-Matrix Approach for Multilayer Wire-Medium-Type Structures
2393An experimental Procedure and Initial Results of RF Propagation in Human Subjects
2123An Explicit Time Marching Scheme for Solving the Nystrom-discretized Scalar Potential Integral Equation
1590An implicit hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin time domain to solve the S- parameters in waveports
2742An Improved Model for Static Field Micro-Particle Components on a Printed Transmission Line
1693An Independently Tunable Uniplanar Dual Band Band-Stop Frequency Selective Surface
2037An Innovative UWB Connected Array for Multifunctional Applications
2542An Interior Parasitic Patch Antenna with Wide Isolation Bandwidth for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR)
1337An Octa-Band Antenna for LTE Mobile Handsets without Ground Clearance
1385An Offset-Fed Wideband 3D Printed Aperture Coupled Trapezoidal Dielectric Resonator Antenna
1379An Ultra-Thin Compact Highly Efficient π-Section CRLH–EBG Based Antenna for ISM Applications
2686An Ultrathin Flexible Metasurface for Half Mirror Operation
1796An Ultra-thin Triple-band Smartwatch Antenna with Support of Several Wireless Application Bands
1338An Ultra-thin Wideband 3-D Frequency Selective Rasorber based on Ferrite Absorber and Slow Wave Structure
1990An Ultra-wideband (16-40 GHz) mmWave Antenna for Automotive Radar and 5G Applications
2764An Ultra-Wideband Edge-Fed Octagonal Four-Arm Archimedean Spiral Antenna
1883An Unified Equation for Active Reflection Coefficient in 4D Antenna Arrays including Mutual Coupling Effect
1056An UTD Rapid Phased Array Antenna Coupling Package
2643An X-band, Mechanically Beam Steerable Lens Antenna Exploiting Risley Prism
1808Analog Beamforming System Using Rotman Lens for 5G Applications at 28 GHz
2588Analysis and design of a 30 GHz printed ridge gap Ring-crossover
1611Analysis and Design of mm-wave antennas for 5G access
1656Analysis and Design of Near-Field Plates in the Presence of Dielectric Media
1768Analysis for Miniaturization of a Spiral Antenna using Inductive and Resistive Loading
2652Analysis of a 200-GHz OAM Radio Link Using a Generalized Friis Transmission Equation
2533Analysis of a Chiral Helix Metamaterial Using Eigenmode Expansion Method and Characteristic Mode Theory
1247Analysis of a U-slot Patch Using Characteristic Mode Analysis and Coupled Mode Theory
2847Analysis of a Wideband Fabry-Pérot Cavity Antenna at 60 GHz using Grid Impedance Approximation
1162Analysis of Calibration-Free Detection Techniques for Frequency-Coded Chipless Radiofrequency Identification
1634Analysis of Circular Polarization Properties of 4x4 Arrays at Ka-band
1474Analysis of Close Range Evaporation Duct Inversion from LATPROP Radar Data Collected During CASPER West Research Campaign
1651Analysis of Cross- and X-Shaped Spiral Antenna Arrays for Amplitude-Comparison DF Systems
1572Analysis of Electromagnetic Wave Interactions on Nanostructures with Non-local Dispersion Effects using a Volume Integral Equation Solver
2327Analysis of full-duplex AF Relaying under Imperfect Channel State Information
2481Analysis of Lossy SIW Patch Antenna for Near-Field Communications
2103Analysis of Multi-Antenna Proximity on Performance of Electrically Small Antennas
2187Analysis of Multiple Objective Cost Functions for Free Space Material Characterization with Genetic Algorithms
2192Analysis of Multi-Stage Voltage Doubler for RF Energy Harvesting
2150Analysis of multistatic vehicle-drone Ground Penetrating Radar configurations for mine detection
2057Analysis of Oxygen Absorption at 60 GHz Frequency Band
1246Analysis of Phase Discretization Influence on the Monochromatic Aberrations of Focusing Metasurface Based on Generalized Rayleigh-Sommerfeld Diffraction Theory
1397Analysis of Radar Cross Section of a FSS Radome Mounted on a Cylindrical PEC body
1167Analysis of Rotated Corrugated Parallel Plate Waveguide Using Asymptotic Corrugation Boundary Conditions
2412Analysis of the SBAS signal availability at low latitude regions
1321Analytical Determinant of the Noise Parameter Extraction Matrix and Its Applications
2583Analytical Models for L-Probe fed Microstrip Antennas
1932Analyzing Lens Based Focal Plane Arrays using Coherent Fourier Optics
1949Analyzing the Coupling from Radiating Slots in a Double-Layered Radial Line Slot Array Antenna
1269Analyzing the Response of Spatial Correlation with Varied Q-power Values of Cosine Distribution
1386Angle Estimation Using an Active 38-GHz Interferometric Radar
1127Anisotropic Slab Scattering: A High Frequency Solution
2171Anten’it: A Hardware for Antenna Design and Education
1340Antenna Arrangement Suitable for Self-Interference Reduction in Short Range Full-Duplex MIMO
2510Antenna Configuration and Transmission Medium to Optimize Malignant Cell Destruction
1412Antenna Design Consideration for 5G mmwave Cellucar Communications
2185Antenna Modeling on Complex Platforms Via Sparse Constrained Equivalent Distributions
1393Antenna Pattern Evaluation of 28GHz band Massive MIMO Antenna RF Frontend Module for 5G
2177Antenna Performance Evaluations in 8×8 MIMO Access Points
2211Antenna Phase Center Analysis for the LOFAR Radio Telescope
1403Antenna with Parasitic Radiators for Front-to-Back Ratio Enhancement
1555Antenna-on-Display (AoD) for Millimeter-wave 5G Mobile Devices
2556Antireflective coatings for high impedance jumps
2011AoA Estimation With Practical Antenna Arrays Using Neural Networks
1742Applicability of SSTDR Analysis of Complex Loads
2408Application of Dielectric and Magnetic Layered Substrate in Antenna Gain Enhancement
1074Application of Sparse Representation to Beamforming for Direction of Arrival Estimation
2354Approximate Inverse of the Rao-Wilton-Glisson Basis Functions Gram Matrix via Monopolar Representation
1197Approximation of Reflectarray Cross-Polarization Response Using A Hybrid FEM-PO Method
1234Arbitrary High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Transient Analysis of Periodic Structures
2127Array of Antennas for a GPR system on board a UAV
1674Array of Non-Resonant Coils for Receiver Size Reduction in Wireless Power Transfer Applications
1294Array of stacked leaky wave antennas based on gap waveguide technology
2106Array Synthesis in the Autocorrelation Domain - Proof and Research Tracks
2780Asymmetric Beamwidth Beamforming Antenna Using Rotman Lens
1070Atmospheric Attenuation Analysis in Indoor THz Communication Channels
1298Augmented Unit Cells for Realizing TM-Polarized Huygens' Metasurfaces
2391Augmenting a Patch Antenna with a Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
2409Austin RCS Benchmark Suite Developments
2598Automatic and Accurate Non-contact Sleep Apnea Detection using Wavelet Information Entropy Spectrum
2531Automatic Generalized Quadrilateral Surface Meshing in Computational Electromagnetics by Discrete Surface Ricci Flow
2130Automatic Permittivity Characterization of a Weak Dielectric Attached to Human Body Using Wideband Radar Image Processing
2115Automotive RADAR Front-End with Added Target Estimation in Elevation Plane
2286Auxiliary Space-based Preconditioner for Higher Order Finite Element Method
1371Avoiding Imaging Artifacts in Metamaterial Superlenses
2500Balanced-Diplexer Frequency Division Duplex Subarray for X-band Phased Array
1259Band Structures and Modal Fields in Topological Acoustics: An Integral Equation Formulation
1566Band-Notched Filtering Crossed Dipole Antenna Without Extra Circuit
1035Band-notched Reconfigurable Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Parasitic Elements
1800Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Superstrate Copper Ring for X-Band Applications
2395Bandwidth Enhancement of Square-Ring Antenna Using Surface Waves on Metasurface
1595Bandwidth Extension of Planar Microstrip-to-Waveguide Transition by Via-Hole Locations at Both Sides of Microstrip Line
2315Beam Pattern Analysis of 1.5-D Sparse Array for Millimeter-Wave Imaging Systems
1029Beam Probability Metric for 5G OTA Testing in Multi-Probe Anechoic Chamber Setups
1161Beam Reconfiguration Using Imaging Reflector Antennas
1908Beam Steering Using Active Superstrate Antenna for WLAN Applications
1960Beam-direction and Beam-width Switchable Monopole Antenna using Smart Shape Memory Hinges based Origami Reflectors
2522Beamforming Apertures with Wideband Low-Cost Front-Ends
2033Beamforming Optimization based on Kalman Filter for Vehicle in Constrained Route
1557Bending Analysis of Switchable Frequency Selective Surface Based on Flexible Composite Substrate
2514Bending and Twisting Tests for RF Performances of Textile Transmission Lines
2524Binormalized Factorizations for Magnetostatic Integral Equations
2334Bistatic RCS of a One-Dimensional Metasurface Leaky-Wave Antenna
1735Bi-Static Simultaneous Transmit And Receive (STAR) Antenna Array System
2654Blending Surface Layer, NWP Model and Climatological Refractivity Profiles: Methods and Issues
1350Bow-Spiral Antenna
2756Bowtie antenna array with lens for improved power radiation
1285Broad Band and Wide Scan SIW Cavity-backed Phased Arrays for 5G Applications
2676Broadband Array Antennas For Curved Geometries
1124Broadband dispersion engineering of CRLH Transmission Lines for low signal distortion in backward regime
1052Broadband Dual Linear Polarized (DLP) Antenna Array for Energy Harvesting System
2559Broadband Linear Antenna Arrays with Frequency-Invariant Half-Power Beamwidth
2014Broadband Linear to Circular Reflection Polarization Converter
1250Broadband mmWave Splitters Based on Dielectric Waveguides
1343Broadband MST sensor probes based on a SP3T MEMs switch
1239Broadband Optimization of a High Power UHF Band Cylindrical Sleeve Dipole Antenna
1750Broadband WAIM Metasurface Structure for Electronically Beam Scanning Holographic Antenna for Ku-Band Satellite Communications
2602Cadaver Measurement Results Using Ultra-flexible Electro-textile MRI RF Coil
2567Calderon Preconditioned Spectral-Element Boundary-Integral Method with Periodic Layered Medium Green's Function
1478Cancer Classification of Freshly Excised Murine Tumors with Ordered Orthogonal Projection
2147Capacity-Driven Design of Clustered Array Architectures for New Generation 5G MU-MiMo Systems
1192Categorizing Metamaterials by using Equivalent Dielectric Approach
2413C-Band Multi-Beam Planar Lens Antenna Based on Frequency Selective Surface
2425Center-Fed Circularly Polarized Omnidirectional Open-Helical Element Optimization
2557Challenges for Antenna Design at mm-Waves
2775Challenges in Modeling Shipboard Wireless Propagation Environments
1377Channel Capacity Comparison between Quorum Sensing and Electromagnetic-Based Communication within Bacterial Communities
1871Channel Characterization and Simulation for UAV Communication
1522Channel Characterization for mmWave V2I Communication in Urban Scenario
1601Channel Measurement and Modeling in Highway Scenario at 460 MHz
2359Characteristic Mode Analysis of the Effect of the UAV Frame Material on Coupling and Interference
2560Characterization of Biological Tissues Using a Suspended Microstrip Ring Resonator
2141Characterization of Chipless RFID Tag in a 3-Dimensional Reading Zone
1916Characterization of Microchamber Arrays for Targeted Drug Delivery
1623Characterization of Oils and Oil Mixtures using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
2157Characterization of Optically Transparent Copper Micro-Wire Transmission Lines
2581Characterization of Temperature Effect on the Dielectric of Aqueous Solutions
2683Circuit Model and Pattern Measurement of NMHA as Electroquasistatic Field Source
2482Circular Polarization Conversion Reflectarray Suppressing Beam Shift
1948Circularly Polarized Proximity Feed Patch Antenna for FMCW Radar
2740Circularly Polarized V-Shaped Patch Antenna for RFID Application
2518Circular-Polarization Biased Topological Insulators
2820Classification of Anomalies with Open-Ended Coaxial Probes
2675Closely-Spaced Resonant Cavity Antennas For Meeting ETSI Class-2 Specifications
1353Coaxial Marchand Balun - Design and Fabrication
1749Codebook Requirements for Estimating Multi-Antenna SAR in Linear Time
1738Co-design of Conformal 4G LTE and mmWave 5G Antennas for Smartphones
2788Coding Programmable Metasurfaces Based on Deep Learning Techniques
1635Coherent Excitation of Embedded Eigenstates in non-Hermitian PT-Symmetrical Systems
1648Coherently Driven Antennas
2096Cold Plate Design, Fabrication, and Demonstration for High-Power Ka-Band Active Electronically Scanned Arrays
2420Color Selectivity using Electrical Stimulation of Retinal Ganglion Cells: Computational Study
2565Compact and High Gain half-sphere Dielectric Antenna Using 3D printing Technology
2608Compact Broadband Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna With a Cross-slotted Ground Plane
1242Compact Comparator for 2-D Monopulse Array Based on Novel Eight-Port Coupler
1458Compact Comparator for Dual-Polarized Monopulse Array Based on Novel Eight-Port Coupler
1533Compact Coupled-Fed GPS/WLAN Antenna with an Open-Slot for Metallic Back Cover Smartphone
2091Compact Dual Polarized High Isolation MIMO Antenna Element for C-RAN Applications
1941Compact Dual-Band PIFA Based on a Slotted Radiator for Wireless Biomedical Implants
1330Compact Dual-Mode Ridge Waveguide Dual-Band Filter
1574Compact Folded Transmitarray Antenna with a Planar Feeder
1297Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna Utilizing Low Cost Solution Cast Nanomagnetic Thin Film
1646Compact Microstrip Patch Antennas on 3-D Printed Substrates with Dielectric Loading
1892Compact Slot Antenna Array for 5G Communications
1296Compact UWB Slotted Pentagonal Patch Antenna for Radar and Communication
1352Compact, Dual-Band, Hybrid Monopole-ASA, Antenna
1354Compact, Multi-Band, Slot Antenna
2744Comparative study of Four Path Loss Models for UWB off-body Propagation Channel Inside a Mine
2020Comparison Between Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for the Synthesis of Aperiodic Arrays
1215Comparison of Algorithms and Input Vectors for Sea-Ice Classification with L-band PolSAR Data
1212Comparison of Luebbers and Maloney implementations of complex objects composed with thin sheets in the FDTD grid
1778Comparison of Measured and Predicted Propagation during CASPER East Field Campaign using Different Methods of Environmental Estimation
2750Comparison of Propagation Losses in THz and Optical Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
1524Comparison of the Radiation Characteristics for Balanced- and Unbalanced-Feed Grid Array Antennas Composed of Rectangular Loop Cells
2748Comparisons between Indoor-to-Outdoor and Outdoor-to-Indoor Propagation Characteristics at 3 and 6 GHz
2687Completeness of the Characteristic Mode Expansion
2063Complex Antenna Simulation By Using Embedded Domain Decomposition
1628Complex Permittivity Estimation for Construction Materials based on PSO Method
2716Complex Transformation Optics and Generalized Double Negative Layers
2044Composite Lattice Structure Frequency-selected Radome Design
1864Compressed Elliptical Geodesic Luneburg Lens for Ka-band Satellite Communications
2119Computational Modeling of Current Flow in the Bipolar Cell Pathways of Degenerated Retina
2041Computationally Designed Focal Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (fdTMS) Coils
1898Concealment of a Very High Dielectric Slab Using SRR-Rod Structure
1748Configuration of Network Level Algorithms for Wireless Train Control Systems using Physics-Based Propagation Models
1396Conformal antennas with pattern diversity for mmWave 5G smartphones
2341Conformal Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna With Parasitic Elements For 5G Millimeter Wave Applications
1723Consideration of Poynting Localized Energy Around Radiators: An FDTD-based Investigation
2597Construction and Application of Geometrically Optimal Curvilinear Surface Elements for Double Higher-Order MoM-SIE Modeling
1797Copper Ring as Superstrate Layer to Generate Dual Band Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna for X-Band Applications
1532Correlation Coefficient Reduction in MIMO Antennas Using PRS at Sub Wavelength Heights
1957Correlation Coefficients of MIMO Antennas in Reverberation Chamber
2102Corrosion-Related Magnetostatic Field Analysis
2148Coupling Effects on Polarization-Agile Patch Antenna Arrays
2201Coupling Reduction of Printed Yagi Antenna Arrays for Millimeter-Wave Imaging
1265Covariance Matrix Evaluation of a Diversity Slot Antenna for Vehicular Communications
2466CPW Fed Slotted Patch Antenna for UWB Applications
1722CPW-fed Compact Polarization Diversity UWB MIMO Cup-Antenna
2590Cross Dipole FSS Bandwidth Enhancement
1942Cross-Pol Behavior over the Entire Operating Band: A Relative Investigation for Microstrip and Dielectric Resonator Antennas
2540Crosstalk-Based Calibration for High Accuracy Ranging Using Software-Defined Radios
1075Cyber Resilience via Modeling & Simulation and Operations Analysis
1468Data Acquisition Circuit for Identification of RF Signals’ Direction of Arrival
2161Data Averaging Enhancements of the Predictive Accuracy of Machine-Learning-Based Microwave Sensing for Estimating Cranberry Fruit Yields
1485Deep Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Solving Nonlinear Inverse Scattering Problems
1907Deep Learning Design for Joint Antenna Selection and Hybrid Beamforming in Massive MIMO
2120Deep Neural Network Representations of Transient Electrodynamic Phenomena
1261Deep Tissue Biomedical Imaging Using a Wearable Sensor
2630Demonstration of Electrically Small Antennas Operating Below 400 MHz
1519Demonstration of Group Delay Modulation Based on EIT Using LC Circuits
2072Dense Microvasculature in Structural Composites for Reconfigurable Parallel Wire Screens
2238Deployable Circularly Polarized UHF Printed Loop Antenna for Mars Cube One (MarCO) CubeSat
2635Design and Analysis for Log Periodic Dipole Antenna Array for Low Altitude Source Search using Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
1097Design And Analysis Of FengYun3 Microwave Humidity Sounder(FY3MHS) Antenna
1388Design and Analysis of Mobile Phone Antenna System with Integration of LTE 4G, Sub-6G and Millimeter Wave 5G Technologies
2066Design and Analysis of Stacked Equilateral Triangular DRA for Wide Band Application
2207Design and Characterization of a Compact Rectenna for Structural Health Monitoring Applications
1290Design and Characterization of a Dual-Band Impedance Transformer Based on an Embedded MTM-EBG
1594Design and Fabrication of Engineered Reflector for Wideband Linear-to-Circular Polarization Conversion
2414Design and Measurements of a 1m Ka-Band Mesh Deployable Reflector Antenna for CubeSats
2456Design and Simulation of a Polygonal Discone Antenna for Simplified Fabrication and Reconfigurability
1770Design and Test of 3-D Printed Spherical Ground Planes for Monopole Antennae
1926Design Consideration of Synthetic Phased-Array Antenna Systems for 5-G Mobile Wireless Network
2287Design Considerations and Examples of Non-Foster Matched Electrically-Small Antennas for High Power Transmit Applications
2028Design Considerations in a Graded Index Flat Dielectric Lens for an Impulse Radiating Antenna
1143Design Guidelines for a Novel Tunable Aperture- Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna
2042Design methodology of a passive reflectarray for main beam collimation
1355Design of 2-bit Programmable Reflective Metasurface in K-band
1139Design of 48x32-slot Corporate-feed Plate-laminating Waveguide Antenna with Circular Polarization
1895Design of a 1×4 CPW Microstrip Antenna Array on PET substrate for Biomedical Applications
1121Design of A Beam Scanning Reconfigurable Reflectarray at Ku-Band
1384Design of a Characteristic-Mode-Based Fully-Planar Antenna for Indoor In-Band Full-Duplex Radios
2679Design of a Circular Polarized Implantable Slot Antenna for Biomedical Applications
1058Design of a Compact High-Gain Slotted Trapezoidal Antenna at 2.45 GHz For Energy Harvesting.
1643Design of a Directive UHF RFID Tag Antenna for a Pavement Embedded System
2844Design of a Dual Polarized Unit-Cell for Dual-Wideband FSS in Ku Band
2769Design of a Dual-Band Band-stop Frequency Selective Surface
2299Design of a Fast Antenna Tuner for a Synchronously Tuned Mobile HF/VHF Transmitter
2321Design of a Fast, High Power RF Switch for a HF/VHF Direct Antenna Modulation System
1392Design of a High-Gain, Wideband, Circularly Polarized Slot Antenna
1709Design of a Highly Efficient Transition from Guided Mode of the Microstrip to the TM Mode of the Spoof Surface Plasmon Polariton
1182Design of A Metamaterial Absorber With Ultra-Wide Angle Incidence
1111Design of a Miniature Reactive Beam Forming Network
1151Design of a Planar Wideband Yagi-Uda Antenna for Millimeter Wave SAR Imaging Application
1834Design of a Quasi-Optical Si/GaAs W-Band Beam-Forming Metasurface Antenna
1909Design of a Reconfigurable Metal-Plasma L-Band Transmit-Array Antenna
1838Design of a Rotman lens antenna array for wide-scan and beam uniformity applications
1655Design of a Sectoral Beam Planar SIW RADAR for Surveillance Applications at Millimeter Waves
1658Design of a Size-Reduced, 15-Element, Circularly-Polarized, Yagi-Uda Antenna
1886Design of a Terahertz Reconfigurable Reflectarray with Individually Controlled 1-bit Phasing Elements
1331Design of a Transverse Slot Array in Groove Gap Waveguide using Horns at 28 GHz Band
2553Design of a Wideband Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for GNSS Applications
2108Design of a Wideband Coaxial Collinear Antenna
1875Design of a Wideband Vivaldi Antenna for 5G Base Stations
1328Design of an Active Scalable Phased Array Antenna System
2666Design of an Antipodal Bowtie Array MIMO Antenna for 5G Mobile Applications
2587Design of an Interstitial Microwave Applicator for 3D Printing Antennas in the Body
1263Design of an Ultra Low Frequency CubeSat Antenna Payload for Radio Astronomy in Space: State of the Art
1613Design of Broadband Biconical Antenna with Improved Radiation Pattern over 3-40GHz
1503Design of Broadband VHF/UHF Antenna with Multiple Directional Beams
1758Design of Compact UWB Coplanar Waveguide-Fed Modified Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Antenna
1467Design of Dual-Polarized, Platform-Based HF Antennas for NVIS Applications Using the Characteristic Mode Theory
2001Design of Frequency Selective Surfaces for Wide Frequency and Angular Responses
2054Design of High Gain Low Cost Beam-Steering Reflectarray Antenna
2045Design of High Gain Single Layer Reflectarray Antenna using Ring and Double Square Elements
2384Design of Large-Band Highly Directive Antenna in the Millimeter Waves Range at 80 GHz
2579Design of Miniaturized Dual-band ESPAR Antenna for Next Generation Communication Systems
1744Design of Modified Sierpinski Gasket Fractal Antenna for Tri-band Applications
2427Design of Multilayered Meta-Lenses for Image Resolution Enhancement
2061Design of Polarizing Cells for Broadband Reflectors
2605Design of Printed RGW Crossover for Millimeter Wave Beam Switching Network
2271Design of RFID antenna using metamaterials for microwaves applications
2252Design of Transmitting Nano-Dipole Antenna Using a Subwavelength Laser Excitation Method
1855Design of Triband High-Q Metasurfaces with Tunability of Dominant Multipole Moments
2360Design of Ultra-Broadband RCS-Reduction Checkerboard Surface Using AMC Circuit Model
1449Design of Ultra-Wideband Circularly Polarized CPW-Fed Antenna with a Metasurface Substrate
1442Design of Waveform-Selective Mantle Cloaks for Antenna Applications
1041Design of Wideband Slot Antennas By Using Combined Characteristic Modes
2261Design procedure of a Phase Compensation Lens for an End-Fire Antenna for Gain Enhancement
1078Design Reusing for Expedited Design Optimization of Antenna Structures
2355Design, realization and experimental characterization of a 40dB gain metasurface antenna
2720Design, Realization and Measurements of a Conical Metahorn with Symmetric Radiation pattern and Low Cross-Polarization
2799Detection of Interference in Dedicated Short-Range Communications Networks
2262Detection of Scatterers Inside Metal Containers via VLF Signals of Opportunity
1159Determining the Maximum Local Specific Absorption Rate of a Multiple-Antenna Transmitter Using K-Order Electric Field Models
1627Developing High Isolation Planar RX-TX Ku Band Phased Arrays for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
2439Development and Measurement of Conformal Antennas in the VHF/UHF Band
1390Development of a Rear Glass Antenna System for a Hatchback Vehicle
2603Development of High Aperture Efficiency Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna System
2624Development of High Gain Virtual-Element Arrays with Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna Systems
1852Development of Higher-Order DG-FETD Tool for Efficient Modeling of Complex Electromagnetic Structures
2680Development of Sub-Millimeter Wave Graphene Switched Antennas
2604Development of X-Band Metamaterial-Inspired Sensors for Dielectric Constant Detection
2462DGTD Using Parametric Variational Principle for Nonlinear Electromagnetic Simulations
2329Dielectric metasurface for wave focusing and vortex beam generation
2070Dielectric Sheets Broadband Characterization Using Short-ended Coplanar Waveguide
1224Difference Between a Zenneck Wave and a Surface Wave
1548Differentially Fed CDRA Array with Phase Inverter for High Gain and Reduced Cross Polarization
1924Diffraction by a Truncated Slab Filled by Dielectric Material
1610Diffuse Scattering Characteristics of Rough Materials at mm-Wave Frequencies
1561Digital Metasurfaces Based on Spatio-Temporal Coding
2801Direct Domain Decomposition Method Finite Element Boundary Element Hybrid (D3M-FEBE)
1991Direction of Arrival Estimation using Root-Transformation Matrix Technique
1937Directional Monopole Antenna with Low Back-Radiation using Metamaterial Absorber
2366Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) Estimation based on Spacetime-Modulated Metasurface
2082Directions-of-Arrival Estimation in Linear Sub-Arrayed Array Through Compressive Sensing
2121Directivity Enhancehment of Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna using Broadband Metasurface Lens
2537Disc-Loaded, Vertical Top-Hat Monopole Antenna at 225 GHz for On-Chip Wireless Communications
1668Discussion on Series-Fed Parasitic DRA Array with Low Dielectric Constant Excited by SIW SLOTS
2266Dislocation of Lattice Points for Impedance Matching of a Photonic Bandgap Cavity Resonator
1897Dispersion Division Multiple Access Technique Based on Electromagnetic Time Reversal
2156Dispersion Engineered Space-Time Modulated Transmission Line
2046Distributed NUMA Implementation of a Direct Solver for DDM Preconditioning
1026Does Low Mutual Coupling Imply Low Antenna Correlation?
1531Doppler Effect on High-Speed Railway at 465 MHz
2241Doppler Spectrum of a Moving Human Body at J-band for Automotive Radar Detection Applications
1063Double Layer Hard Surface for Dual-Polarization applications
1024Double Metaloop Antenna
2733Double Near-Zero Based Near-Field Imaging With Very High Resolution
2631Drone-based RF Monitoring System for Agriculture Applications
1275Dual Band Graphene Nanoflakes Printed Compact Monopole Antenna for Low Cost WIFI Applications
2095Dual beam end-fire antenna using cantilever-enabled Frequency Selective Surfaces
1837Dual Beam High Gain Antenna for 5th Generation Communication System using Metasurface Lens
1890Dual Frequency Processing of Subsampled Measurements in W-band
1780Dual Functional MIMO Antenna System for mm-Wave 5G and 2 GHz 4G Communications
2498Dual Polarizations Single-feed Cross-Dipole Energy Harvesting Surface
1793Dual Polarized Omni Cell Antenna with Cylindrical Loop Slot
2094Dual Polarized Plane Wave Generator Design for Direct Far-Field Testing
2182Dual Polarized THz Imaging FPA in 22nm CMOS
2245Dual Polarized UWB Millimeter-Wave Phased Arrays
2693Dual Tunable Multifunctional Reconfigurable Vivaldi Antenna for Cognitive/Multi-Standard Radio Applications
1336Dual-Band and Dual-Polarized Reconfigurable Beam-Steering Array for WLAN Applications
1582Dual-Band Anti-Interference Slot Antenna Using Metamaterial Structure
2776Dual-Band Dual-Polarized SIW Filtering Antenna
1314Dual-Band Eight-Antenna MIMO Array for 5G Smartphone
1530Dual-Band High-Gain Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna Design Using Metasurface
2527Dualband Multi-Constellation GNSS Antenna
1102Dual-Band Negative Permittivity Metamaterial using Crossed Loop Resonator
1813Dual-band Phased Array Antenna on Metal for mmWave Mobile Application
1109Dual-band Printed Monopole Antenna for Indoor MIMO Applications
1850Dual-band Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna
2281Dual-Band Transmit-Array Antennas Exploiting Polarization-Rotating Elements
1369Dual-Band WiFi Applique Antenna
1241Dual-Field Interior Pentalty Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain Method
1692Dual-Linear or Dual-Circular Polarized Slot Excited ME-Dipole Antenna with Single-Layer Feeding
1586Dual-Polarized Antenna With High Isolation Using Hybrid Balun Circuit
1236Dual-Polarized Armband Embroidered Textile Antenna for On-/Off-Body Wearable Applications
1580Dual-Polarized Filtering Antenna Using SRR Without Extra Circuit
2717Dual-polarized Planar Phased Array Antenna With Semi-open Cavity Structures
2183Dual-Polarized Through-Wall Repeater for the Wireless Reading of Millimeter-wave Passive Sensors
1268Dual-port Stacked Annular Ring Microstrip Patch Antenna with Vertical Pins for Isolation Enhancement
1177Dynamic Beam Steering by Metaguides and Multilattices
2810Effect of Antenna Array Element Separation on Capacity of MIMO Systems Including Mutual Coupling
2370Effect of Antenna Coupling on the SNR Improvement of Mm-Wave Massive MIMO for 5G
1644Effect of Antenna Polarization, Directivity and Placement on Channel Propagation of an Arch-shaped Underground Mine Tunnel
2052Effect of Applying Meta-surface Reflector with Twe Type Reflection Characteristics on 2×2 LOS MIMO
1841Effect of curved ground plane on electrical performance of microstrip antenna
1681Effect of Electrolyte on a 2D Surface-Based Reconfigurable Liquid Metal Antenna
1206Effect of MWT Radiation on Sidelobe Levels in mm-Wave Microstrip Array Antenna
1098Effect of Temperature Sensor Location and Measurement Time on Evaluation of the Calibration Factor of the Lead Electromagnetic Model
2073Effective MIMO UWB Radar Channels Evaluation Based on New SNR Definition of the Micro-Doppler Signatures
2640Effective surface impedance of anisotropic surface roughness
2734Effects of Large Angle of Incidence in Offset-Fed Reflectarray Antennas
2569Effects of shorting posts on the impedance characteristic of TCDA antenna
2248Effects of Spectral Interference on High-Accuracy Ranging in Coherent Distributed Arrays
2451Efficient and accurate electromagnetic scattering analysis of perfectly conducting thick plates
2548Efficient and Misalignment-Robust PT-Symmetric Wireless Power Transfer
1391Efficient Delay and AoA Estimation Using Vector Antenna for Radio Propagation Measurements
1733Efficient Full-Wave Method For Analysing Transmit-Arrays Through an Equivalent Dielectric Description
2377Efficient Modeling of Thin Sheet in Multilayered Uniaxial Media
2283E-Glass and Wall Effects of 60 GHz Applications in a Residential Home Environment
1476Eigenmode Analysis of Printed-Ridge-Gap-Waveguide Cavity and Its Application to Antenna design
1173Eight-element MIMO Antenna with Tightly-arranged Pairs for 5G Mobile Terminal
2613Electrically Small Antennas: Hansen’s Contribution and the State of the Art
2244Electroless Silver Plating of Additive Manufactured Trough Waveguide Mode Transducer and Antenna Structure
1381Electromagnetic Components Realized on Conductive Wires: A Copper vs. E-Thread Comparison
2492Electromagnetic Coupling Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Traces using Characteristic Mode Analysis
2227Electromagnetic Deep Learning Technology for Radar Target Identification
1320Electromagnetic Field Exposure Evaluation for 5G in Millimeter Wave Frequency Band
2109Electromagnetic Gap Leakage Analysis for the SKA Mid-Frequency Dish
2296Electromagnetic Interference of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Characteristic Mode Analysis Approach
1992Electromagnetic Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces with Multiple Elevations for GNSS-R Land Applications
2771Electromagnetic Simulation of CMOS On-Chip Spiral Inductors in 5 GHz band
2772Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Metamaterials Using Theory of Characteristic Modes
2104Electronically Reconfigurable Dipole Antenna Using Integrated Passive Non-Volatile Solid-State Metal-Insulator-Metal Switches
2138Electronically reconfigurable, 1-bit reflectarray antennas using polarization rotating unit cells
2600Elevation Imaging Based on Vortex Electromagnetic Wave
1930Elliptical Disk Cavity Backed Antenna for UWB Systems
2308EM Measurements of Glucose-Aqueous Solutions
1691EM modeling of hydraulic fracture responses over large-scale curved steel-casing and heterogeneous formation by the DGFD method.
2322Empty Substrate Integrated Waveguide Planar Slot Antenna Array for 5G Wireless Systems
2260Enabling High Efficiency Bandwidth Electrically Small Antennas through Direct Antenna Modulation
1913End-Fire CP Millimeter-Wave Antenna Loaded with Perforated Dielectric Slab
1079Enhanced Axial-Ratio Bandwidth Single-Point-Fed CP Antenna Using Slot Structure Modification
2026Equivalent Circuit Model for Reconfigurable Far-Infrared Filter Employing Vanadium Dioxide
2400Equivalent Circuit Models and Prony’s Analysis of Electromagnetic Designs Using Genetic Programing
1286Equivalent Transverse Electromagnetic Modes and Effective medium inside Waveguide
2586Error Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification Based on Adjoint Methods in Computational Electromagnetics
2607Error Prediction in Electromagnetic Simulations Using Machine Learning
2338Error Sensitivity in Reconfigurable OTA Chamber Field Synthesis
2167E-shaped Nano-antenna with Asymmetric Integrated Dielectric-plasmonic Waveguide
2302Establishing a Novel Method for Monitoring Quality Control of Fruits Using Terahertz Sensing
1576Estimating the Depth of Buried Radioactive Sources using Ground Penetrating Radar and a Gamma Ray Detector
1715Estimating The Number of Modes in Underground Mine tunnel
1720Estimation of the Cross-Correlation Green’s Function for MIMO Systems
2349Evaluation of an Inversion Algorithm for Noninvasive Specific Absorption Rate Applications
1978Evaluation of Bannisters Subsurface-to-Air Model for Implanted Antennas
2584Evaluation of Electromagnetic Time Reversal Spatial Focusing (EMTR-SF)
1301Evaluation of the Far-Zone Electric Fields Radiated by Thin Elliptical Loop Antennas
1804Evaluation on Pseudo-Doppler Antenna Array using Software-Defined-Radio
1518Evaporation Duct Refractivity Inversions from Fixed Transmitter-Fixed Receiver UWB Measurements
1018Exact Geometrical Optics Scattering by a Class of Metallic Wedges Under Multiple Plane Waves Illumination
1488Examination of the Bandwidth Potential of Electrically-Small Platform-Based Antennas at the HF Band
2417Excitation of Circularly Polarized Wave In Substrate Integrated E-Plane Waveguide
2824Expanding the Capability of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Based AESA Tile Radar for Civil and Defense Applications
1180Experimental Demonstration of the Shadow Projection Algorithm for Near-Field Microwave Imaging of Buried Objects in Layered Media
1308Experimental Evaluation of Intersymbol Interference in Non-Far Region Transmission using 30-GHz Band Large Array Antennas
2836Experimental Imaging Results of a UAV-mounted Downward-Looking mm-wave Radar
1685Experimental Investigation of Active Antenna
2489Experimental Microwave Target Identification Using Machine Learning
1694Experimental Studies on Reconfigurable Multi-beam Antenna Arrays using a Software Defined Radio Digital Beamformer
1893Experimental Validation of a Microwave Brain Scanner for Cerebrovascular Diseases Monitoring
2415Experiments on Magnetic Diffusion in Metal Sheets
2213Explicit Unconditionally Stable Symmetric Positive Semi-Definite FDTD Subgridding Algorithm with Analytical Removal of Unstable Modes
2845Exploiting Sparsity in Adaptive Relevance Vector Machine for Reconfigurable Soft-Field Tomography
1210Extended Butler Matrix Design by Using Phase Reconfigurable CRLH Transmission Line
2257External magnetic field induced conical singularities in the isofrequency surface of a ferrite-semiconductor metamaterial
1829Extraction of Lung Water Content from Computerized Tomography Scans
2333Extrapolation of Antenna Near-Field Measurements Using the Iterative Greedy Algorithms
2140Extremely Wideband Imaging Antenna with Unifrom Radiation Patterns
1661Fabric Antenna for Temperature Sensing over ISM Frequency Band
2160Fabrication and Characterization of 3D-Printed Ku-band Frequency Scanning Slotted Waveguide Antenna Array
2530Fast Algorithms for Converting an FMM-Based Representation of Electrically Large Integral Operators to a Minimal-Rank H2-Matrix
2323Fast and Accurate Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation Using an Adaptive Sampling Algorithm and Machine Learning
2335Fast evaluation of retarded electromagnetic potentials for quantum calculations
2595Fast Method for First-Principles-Based Parasitic Extraction of Integrated Circuit Layout
1914Fast Multipole Time Domain Algorithm for the Scalar and Vector Wave Equation
2282Fast prediction of MRI RF-induced heating for a generic stent with arbitrary orientation using ANN
2645Fast Solution of Scattering Problems with Tensor Train Accelerated Method of Moments on Structured and Unstructured Meshes
2022Fast Surrogate Model-Assisted Uncertainty Quantification via Quantized Tensor Train Decompositions
1323FDTD Modeling of a Dipole Antenna above Metasurface Using Surface Impedance Boundary Condition
2137FDTD Modeling of Diffuse Scattering and Transmission at Rough Walls for 5G Communication Systems
2532FDTD Simulations Of The Impedance Of A Dipole Antenna in A Plasma
2434Feed Based Bandwidth Enhancement of U-Slot Microstrip Patch using Theory of Characteristic Modes
1671Field interpolation with generalized barycentric coordinates in conformal FDTD schemes
2724Field Performance of A Novel Wideband Optically Transparent GNSS Antenna
1073Field Sampling Strategies for POD Model Order Reduction of Particle-in-Cell Simulations
1511Finger Blockage Mitigation Method for mmWave Beamforming Mobile Devices
1104Finite Element Domain Decomposition Method for Rough Sea Surface Scattering
2575Finite Metal Wall Effects of W-Band Circular Polarized Horn Antenna with Inbuilt Polarizer
2752Flexibility In Space: Challenges and Evolution In Satellite Antennas Specification, Design and Test
2797Flexible Reconfigurable Antenna Robust to Folding in Wearable Applications
2471Flexible W-Band Rectifiers for 5G-powered IoT Autonomous Modules
1912Fluidically Beam-Steering Metasurfaced Antenna
2368Fly’s Eye Lens Phased Array for Submillimeter Wavelengths
1130Focused CW Mm-Wave Characterization of Lossy Penetrable Dielectric Slab Affixed to Human Body
2517Focused Microwave Therapy Study on Realistic Breast Phantoms
1120Focusing Metasurface with arbitrary Focal Point Based on Pancharatnam-Berry Phase Principle
2544Folded 1-bit Transmitarray with Reduced Height
1517Folding-Dependent vs. Folding-Independent Flexible Antennas on E-Textiles
2767Forward Transmission Matrix Analysis of Lorentz Sensor For High Permittivity Detection
2365Free-space-matched left-handed metamaterials
1986Frequency and Polarization Agile RFID Patch Antenna with Reduced Dimensions
1713Frequency Independent Method for RCS Reduction of Dihedral Corners Using Metasurfaces
1435Frequency-Reconfigurable mmWave Antenna Loaded with Capacitive Structure Integrated within a Microstrip Line
1470Frequency-Selective Rasorber with Tri-resonant Absorption Band
2038Frontiers in Reflectarray Design
2446FSS and Meta-material Based Low Mutual Coupling MIMO Antenna Array
1762Full D-band Coplanar to Rectangular Waveguide Transition for UTC-PD Application
1973Full Sparsity in Compressive Processing for Non-Linear Inverse Scattering
2090Full Wave Analysis for Estimating Wave Attenuation Through a Random Volume of Metallic Wires Using Monte Carlo Simulation
2656Full Wave Numerical Model for Thermoacoustic Imaging of the Human Breast with a Concave 1.5D Ultrasound Array
2278Full Wave Solutions of Multiple Scattering Using 3D Vector Cylindrical Wave Expansions In Foldy-Lax Equations
1665Full-duplex Near-infrared Communication via Spatiotemporally-modulated Array Antennas
2337Full-wave synthesis procedure for the design of innovative metasurface devices
2663Fully Inkjet-printed Tunable Hybrid n-Rpple Miura (n-RiM) Frequency Selective Surfaces
2785Fully-Coherent Electromagnetic Scattering Model for 3D Dense Random Volumes
2078Fully-Metallic Leaky-Wave Antenna with Low Dispersion for 60 GHz Point-to-Point Communications
2152Gabor Frame-Based Sparsification and Radiation Boundary Conditions for Parabolic Wave Equations
1434Gain Enhancement of mm-wave On-chip Antenna through Functional Packaging
1698Gain Enhancement of On-Chip Antennas Using Miniaturized-Element Frequency Selective Surfaces
2058Gain Optimization of a Seven Element ESPAR Antenna
2158Gain Optimization of a Yagi-Uda Antenna using the Genetic Algorithm
2621Gain-Maximization of FPA-fed Reflectors by Means of Linear Regression
1508GaN-on-Si with CMOS Integration for Advanced, Low Cost Phased Arrays
1088Gauge Transformations for Recasting Potential Representations
2454Gaussian Process Regression for Array Interpolation
2794General Design Equations For 3-Way Unequal-Split Bagley Power Dividers
1288Generalization Capabilities of Deep Learning Schemes in Solving Inverse Scattering Problems
1497Generalized Tensor FDTD Method for Sloped Plasmonic Interfaces
1496Generation of dual-beam orbital angular momentum vortex beam using transmit arrays
1730Generation of mW Average Power in the sub-mm Wavelength Band by Pulsed Photoconductive Connected Array
2816Generation of Tilted High-Order Bessel Beam in Millimeter Range Using Metasurface
2292Geometric Improvements on Solar Cells for Reducing Reflections
1327Geometrically Stochastic Finite Difference Time Domain Method
1678Geometry Optimization of a Phased Array Feed on the Arecibo Telescope for Maximum Survey Efficiency
2673Gesture Recognition Using A Portable and Flexible Meta-Atom Panel and Machine Learning
2270Global Maxwell Tomography using an 8-channel radiofrequency coil: simulation results for a tissue-mimicking phantom at 7T
2023GPR Bowtie Antennas with Reduced Induction Footprints for Dual-Modality Detectors
1814GPS Slant Path Residuals for Rainfall Detection
1679GPU-Acceleration of Characteristic Basis Function Method (CBFM) for Efficient Analysis of Complex Platforms involving Layered Media
1134Graphene metasurface based tunable double split ring resonator for far infrared frequency region
1944Graphene Printed UWB Monopole Antenna for Wireless communication applications
2743Graphene-based Textile Ultra Wideband Antennas for Integrated and Wearable Applications
2842Green’s Function Method for Classical and Statistical Electromagntics
1421Grounded ±45° Dual Slant Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna
2330Grounded Coplanar Waveguide-Fed Millimeter Wave Volumetric Pyramidal Horn on LTCC
1835Half Ellipse Magnetic Dipole Antenna for Wide Beam-Width and Low Cross-Polarization
2494Half-Way Duality and the Fractional Curl Operator
1491Hardware Realization and Performance Measurement of an Anti-Jam GPS Antenna Array
1842Harmonic-Modulated Nonlinear Metasurface Based on Generalized Phase Conjugation Principle
1133Harmonics-Enabled Antenna Alignment for High-Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer
1342High Bandwidth Perovskite based Antenna for High- Resolution Biomedical Imaging at Terahertz
2653High Efficiency RF Energy Harvester for IoT Embedded Sensor Nodes
1754High Frequency Diffraction by Thick Loaded Conducting Slits –H Polarization Case–
1506High Gain Broadband Antenna for Point to Point Communication Systems
1221High gain circularly polarized stacked circular patches loaded with a circular sector notches and vertical ground ring for UHF RFID universal reader
2164High Gain Compact Circularly Polarized MSA
1900High Gain Constrained Lens Antenna on BCB Substrate for 300-GHz Applications
1233High Gain Dual Polarized Omni Antenna for four channel MIMO Applications
2362High Gain Low Side Lobe Wideband Patch Array with High Forward to Backward Ratio
1072High Gain Millimeter-Wave Slot Antenna with Symmetric Radiation Characteristics
2254High Gain Ridge Gap Dielectric Resonator Antenna using FSS Superstrates
2664High Gain Wideband Air Strip-Line Fed Antenna For High Power Applications
1805High Radiation Efficiency Phase-change Material Antennas with Conductive Inclusions
2804High Resolution Subsurface 3D SAR Imaging Using Robotic Bi-Static Transciervers
2786High-Efficiency Low-Profile Feeds for UWB Arrays
1387Higher Order Plasma-Based Tunable Absorber Using Magneto-Dielectric Substrates
2419Higher order, Globally Constraint-preserving DGTD schemes for CED
2399Higher order, Globally Constraint-preserving FVTD schemes for CED
1271High-Frequency CubeSat Platform Scattering Using Higher-Order Method of Moments
2763High-Isolation, Low Cross-Polarization, Differential-Feed, Dual-Polarized Patch Antenna Array for a 2.45 GHz Retrodirective System Application
2055Highly Accurate 3D EM Modeling Based on Ultra High Order Basis Functions
1282Highly Accurate Liquid Permittivity Measurement using Coaxial Lines
2690Highly Miniaturized Microstrip Antenna with Slots and a Superstrate for RFID Applications
1451Highly Sensitive Planar Microwaves Sensor
2018High-Resolution J-Band Radar with Continuous 360o Imaging Capability for Autonomous Vehicle Applications
1389How Many Antennas Do We Need for Massive MIMO Channel Sounding? – Validating Through Measurement
1756How the Lualualei VLF Antenna was Designed
2558How to Phase Antenna Arrays and Metasurfaces of Arbitrarily Oriented and Polarized Elements?
1680H-Plane Metallic RWG-to-SIW Transition Using Aperture Coupling
2386Huygens scatterer based on two uncoupled SRRs
2076Hybrid Beam-forming Smart Antenna for 5G Networks
1832Hybrid Method of FDTD/PO for EM Scattering Simulation of Electrically Large Targets
2172Hybrid Parabolic Equation – Integral Equation Solvers for Analyzing Long Range Propagation Over Complex Terrain
1084Hybrid Solver Via Equivalence Principle Algorithm
2290Identification of Suspicious Mass in Biological Tissues Using Resonance Parameters Extracted from Late Time Response
1650Image Reconstruction of Freshly Excised Human Breast Tumors using Terahertz Electrical Properties
2242Imaging of Walking Human Behind the Wall Using Impulse Radar
1961Impact of Antenna Pattern on Massive MIMO Performance
2852Impact of Assimilating in-situ Data Sources on Model Predictions of Refractivity, Ducting and EM Propagation
2284Impacts of MRI frequency on RF-induced Heating for External Fixation with Insulating Material
1677Impedance-matched circular polarization selective surfaces with spin-selective phase modulation
1993Implantable Titanium Nitrite Antenna for Continuous Glucose Monitoring
1767Implementation and Evaluation of Uniform Grid Space Partition for Ray Tracing in Communication
2758Implementation of a Pattern-Reconfigurable Antenna for modern wireless sensor network applications
2617Implementing Spectrally-Sparse, Wideband Waveforms in Multi-Channel Software-Defined Radios for High-Accuracy Ranging
2709Implications of Recompression for Grid-Based Low-Rank Approximation Techniques
2834Implicit time integration schemes in electromagnetic-micromagnetic and quantum problems
2562Improved Antenna with Distributed Resistive Loading for Wideband Performance
1021Improved Reconstruction Method Based on k-Means by Finding Peak Density Automatically in Microwave Induced Thermoacoustic Tomography
2457Improved Self-Interference Suppression in Wideband STAR
1466Improvement in FSS-Based Sensor Sensitivity by Miniaturization Technique
2526Improving the Efficiency of Flexible Antenna for Biomedical Applications using EBG structure
2851Improving the Efficiency of Rough Surface Normalized Radar Cross Section Computations with the Small Slope Approximation
1099Improving Two Ends Precision of RCS Measurement Based on Spectral Extrapolation Technique
1138Indoor Path Loss Variations with Frequency and Visibility Conditions at 3.5 GHz Band
1198Influence of 3T MRI coil modeling on electromagnetic exposure estimation using a human model
1200Influence of External Cables on Electromagnetic Exposure Investigated with a Human Model in a 3T MRI Coil
2642Influence of NIC Accuracy on Properties of Self-oscillating Antennas and Metasurfaces
2084Influence of rough surface on the electrical performance of reflector antenna based on fractal function
2422Inkjet Printed Lange Coupler for Antenna Systems
1553Inline Millimeter Wave Radar Phase Measurements utilizing High Order Waveguide Modes
2344In-Orbit Test Strategy and Results for GX Multibeam Antenna
1899Integrated Multilayer Yagi Antenna for 5G
2660Integrated Substrate Gap Waveguide Circularly Polarized Slot Antenna
2139Integrated Water Vapor Estimation through Microwave Propagation Measurements: First Experiment on a Ground-To-Ground Radio Link
1967Integration and Evaluation of Antenna Systems for 5G mmWave Mobile Device
1943Integration of Singular Basis Functions for Plate Edges and Corners
1562Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks in Intelligent Transportation Systems within Smart City Context
2651Intelligent Anti-Jamming Decision Method Based on the Mutation Search Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Wireless Systems
2162Inter- and Intra-Cluster Characteristics of MIMO Industrial Channels
1710Inversion-Free Evaluation of Small Geometry Perturbation in Method of Moments
2163Investigation of Channel Correlation in Indoor Wideband Massive MIMO Systems
2807Investigation on Resolution of Thermoacoustic Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing: A Simulation Study
2390Investigations of All Metal Heat Sink Dual Linear Polarized Phased Array Antenna for Ku-Band Applications
1461Investigations of Wideband Microstrip Unit Cell Topologies at 28 GHz for Flat Lens Antenna Applications
1947Ionosphere D Region Remote Sensing by Radio Atmospherics
1933IoT Equipment Structure with Reduced Risk of Damage on Attachable to Manhole Cover
2712ISGW Feed Slot-Coupled Magnetoelectric Dipole Antenna For 5G Applications
1363Joint Stripmap/Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar enabled by Element-Level Digital Arrays
1116K/Ka Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Gap Waveguide Array Antenna
1150Ka-Band Low-Cost Focused Lens with Frequency-Scanning Features
1100Ka-band Mechanically Beam Scanning Bifocal Reflectarray Antenna with Optimized Phase Distribution
1769K-factor and Correlation Analysis of a 2×2 MIMO Off-body Channel Inside a Mine
2407Leaky Lens Pulsed Photo-Conductive THz Emitters
2223Leaky-Wave Antenna on Holey EBG Based Gap-Waveguide
2502Learning and Compensating Numerical Dispersion Errors in FDTD with Artificial Neural Networks
2064Leveraging Data Science to Characterize Additively Manufactured Electromagnetic Components
1169Light Weight and Large Beamwidth Antenna Array for 2.4/5.8 GHz WLAN Applications
1782Linear Pulse Compansion based on Space-Time Modulation
2833Linear-Complexity ${\cal H}^2$-Based Direct Sparse Solver for Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Analysis
2234Liquid Metal Broadband Monopole for Stretchable Electronics
2622Liquid Waveguide Antenna
1144Locating Scattering Centers Using Compressive PSD Estimation
2225Loss Optimization of Dual-Resonance Phase-Agile Reflectarray Using Equivalent Circuit
1946Lossy Antenna Arrays with Frequency-Independent Beamwidth
2293Low Angle Scanning Phased Arrays With Greater Than 50:1 Bandwidth
1682Low Cost High gain Broadband Stacked Triangular Microstrip Antenna
1541Low Cost Millimeter Wave Antenna for 5G Base Station
1400Low Cross Polarization Leaky-Wave Antenna Based on SIW-CRLH Transmission Line
1227Low Loss Slotted Substrate Integrated Air Waveguide (SIAW) Antenna Array for Millimeter-Wave Applications
2703Low profile dual-pol isoflux antenna based on artificial impedance surface
2761Low Profile Tri-Bands Antenna for Wireless Applications
1189Low-Cost and High-Gain W-Band Circularly Polarized SIW Slot Antenna
2469Low-Cost and Highly Flexible Antenna for 2.4 GHz IoT applications
1771Low-Cost Dual-Polarized 60 GHz Patch Antenna Array in PCB Process
2591Low-Cost MoM-Solution of Blood Tube Scattering
1604Low-Profile Differentially-Fed Multi-Band Dual-Polarized Antennas
2226Low-Profile Electronically Tunable Low-Loss Single Layer Reflectarray Element
2626Low-Profile, Roof-Top Mounted Broadband Antenna for V2X Communication
1431Low-Rank- and Butterfly-Compressibility of Moment Matrix Blocks
1972L-Probe and U-Slot Microstrip Circular Antenna for Application in the Detection of Partial Discharges in Power Transformers
1970L-shaped Defected Ground Structure Integrated Low Profile Single-Fed Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for Cross Polar Radiation Suppression
2404L-shaped Metasurface for Chiral Surface Waves Propagation
1276Machine Embroidered Wearable e-textile Wideband UHF RFID Tag Antenna
1105Machine-Learning-Assisted Two-Step Antenna Modelling Method
2190Magnetic Induction-based Human Activity Recognition (MI-HAR)
2678Maneuvering Target Detection Method Based on RD Spectrum of Skywave OTHR
2511Manipulating surface waves and nanoscale torques with nonreciprocal platforms
2128Manipulation of Microstrip Antenna Directivity and Radiation Pattern using Negative Index Metamaterials
1372Mapping Lung Water Signal Distribution on Human Chest and Predition of Lung Water Content
2087Mars Exploration: Wideband Frequency Reconfigurable Electrically Small Multi-Turn Loop Antenna Using MEMS Switch
2741Massive MIMO Beamforming on a Chip
1818Massively Parallel Simulation of Antenna Array Using Domain Decomposition Method and a High-Performance Computing Scheme
1156Matching Considerations for Wireless, Batteryless Brain Implants to High Impedance Electrodes
2291Matching of Small Transmitting Antenna using Non-Foster-inspired Two-transmitter System
2062Mathematical Modeling of a Smart Antenna Based on Hybrid Beam-forming Technique
2576Maximization of the Efficiency in a Multi-Coil Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Biomedical Applications
1490Measured versus Simulated Results of a Dual Band Hybrid Substrate Shared Aperture Antenna
2012Measurement and Simulation of Various On-Body Antenna Utilizing a Modular Arm-Swinging Phantom Model for Wireless Body Area Network Applications
1856Measurement of Dielectric Constants of Liquid Crystals Using Double-Ridged Waveguide Cavity
1085Measurement of dispersion characteristic of slow-wave system by microwave network cascade method
2751Measurement of Hybrid Genetic Programming Synthesized Artificial Magnetic Conductors
2189Measurement of Radiation Power from an Aircraft FMCW Radar Altimeter for Investigating Spectrum-Sharing Conditions with Wireless Avionics Intra-Communication Systems
1061Measurement-Based Propagation Characteristics at 28 GHz and 39 GHz in Suburban Environment
1789Measurements of Radiowave Propagation in a Partially Constructed Building
2706Measuring GPS Transmit Antenna Pattern Using On-Orbit Receivers
1706Mechanical Tension Effects on Cylindrical Truncated-Corner Microstrip Antennas.
1426Mechanically-Rotating Electret ULF/VLF Antenna Transmitter
1382MEMS-Suspended Bowtie Antenna Array for Microbolometer mmW Imaging Device
2372Metagrating-Inspired Approach for Suppressing Reflections in H-Plane Waveguide Bends
2719Metal-only Modulated Metasurface Antenna for Cubesat Platforms
1964Metamaterial Application in a Circular Microstrip Antenna Developed for the Detection of Partial Discharges
1535Metasurface based far infrared solar absorber
1927Metasurface Design for Cross-polarization Conversion and Absorption Applications
1810Metasurface Design Using Electromagnetic Inversion
2700Metasurface from Hyperuniform Disordered Distribution
1625Metasurfaces for High Index Effective Media
2677Micro-Doppler Based Detection of Hovering UAVs
2641Microfluidic Switches with Integrated Actuation for Mm-Wave Beam-Steering Arrays
1325Micromachined Millimeter-Wave Multibeam Perforated Silicon Lens Antenna
1687Microstrip Antenna Array with Reduced Mutual Coupling Using Slotted-Ring EBG Structure for 5G Applications
1050Microstrip Antenna Design for Underground Water Pipeline Monitoring Sensor
1690Microstrip Patch Antennas with Controlled Pattern Tilt using Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing for Piecewise Planar Conformal Arrays
1326Microstrip-Fed Endfire Antennas with High Gain and Stable Radiation Pattern
2114Microstrip-Fed Scanning Dipole Antenna Array for 5G Applications
2007Microwave Characteristics of an Open Coplanar Waveguide Line-Based Glucose Droplet
1999Microwave Imaging of Strong Scatterers through a Multi-Resolution Contraction Integral Equation Method
1911Microwave Imaging Technology for In-line Food Contamination Monitoring
1279Microwave performance measurement of InP powder under light irradiation
2766Millimeter Wave Channel Measurement based Ray-Tracing Calibration and Analysis in Metro
1433Millimeter-Wave Antenna Arrays with Beam Steering for 5G Mobile Terminals
1235Millimeter-Wave Antenna with Improved Bandwidth and Isolation for MIMO Applications
2592Millimeter-wave Automotive Radar Characterization and Target Simulator Systems
1619Millimeter-Wave Compact and High-Performance Two-Dimensional Grid Array for 5G Applications
1420Millimeter-Wave Filtering Reflectarray for High-Gain Antenna Applications
2357Millimeter-Wave Localization of Multiple Targets Using TDOA and Wideband Frequency Modulation
1996Millimeter-Wave Metallic Bull’s–Eye Antenna with Wideband Broadside Radiation Characteristics
2525Millimeter-wave Rotman lens-based radar system on the move for disaster rescue applications
1443Millimeter-Wave SIW Cavity-Backed Dual-Band Self-Complementary Log-Periodic Antenna
1428Millimeter-wave technology for 5G applications An industry view on current issues and challenges
1550Millimeter-Wave Triple-Resonance Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna With Cavity Resonator
1772Millimeter-Wave Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna Array Using SIW-Fed S-Dipole Elements
2438Mimicking Antenna Near-Field Measurements using Full Wave Solvers For Error Characterization
1569MIMO Antenna for Indoor Low-Band 5G Base Stations
1309Miniaturized Circular Microstrip Patch Antennas with Conical Radiation Patterns
1459Miniaturized SIW-CBS Planar TX/RX Antenna Arrays For Microwave CW/FMCW Doppler Radars
2499Misalignment Resilient, Near Field Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Antennas using Anchor Shape
2006Mitigation of Mutual-coupling Effects in Millimeter-wave Automotive Radars
2674Mixing Matrix Estimation of Frequency Hopping Signals Based on Single Source Points Detection
2546mmWave Antenna Array Design at 32 GHz Band
2316MM-Wave Beam-Steering Slot Antenna using Gradient Relative-Permittivity FSS Superstrate
1148mmWave Double Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna featuring Electrically Small and Low-Profile
2347mm-Wave Varactor Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antennas using GaN on Sapphire Technology
2599Mode Selection Effect in Dual-Circular Polarized OAM Transmission
2574Modeling and Measurement of Ducted EM Propagation over the Gulf Stream
1786Modeling Focused CW Mm-Wave Scattering of a Penetrable Dielectric Slab Affixed to a Human Body
1049Modeling Large and Complex Objects with Fine Geometrical Details by using the Massively Parallel Computer Codes JEMS-FDTD
2516Modeling Low Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding using the Locally Corrected Nyström Method.
1976Modeling of circularly-polarized CTS arrays
1636Modeling of High-Q Cavity with Surface Integral Equation Discontinuous Galerkin (IEDG) Method
2175Modeling of Power Delay Profile in the Desktop Size Metal Cavity at 300 GHz
2670Modeling of Sub-Millimeter Wave Coplanar Waveguide Graphene Switches
1505Modeling shielded cables in Xyce based on transmission-line theory
2159Modeling the Effects of Gaseous Absorption and Attenuation due to Clouds for a 72 GHz Terrestrial Link
2092Modern Approaches and Self-Evaluation Tools for Teaching Electromagnetics
2255Modified EBG Design Circuit Model for Isolation Improvement Between Monopole Antennas
2216Modified Floquet Scattering Matrix Method for Solving N-path Networks
1940Modified Luneburg Lens for THz Beam Steering Applications
2021Modular Phased Array Design Through a Tile-Dimension Tapering Approach
1457Modular, Reconfigurable Block Cell Antenna Concept for Millimeter-wave 5G
1862Modulating Surface Impdances of Surface Plasmon Polaritons for Leaky Wave Plasmonic Nanoantennas
2367MoM Analysis of Conducting Surface-to-Wire Structures in Multilayered Uniaxial Media
2452Monitoring Health Status and Quality Assessment of Leaves Using Terahertz Frequency
2332Monopole Antenna Radiation Pattern Control via 3D-Printed Dielectrics Optimized with Machine Learning Methods
2610Morphological Feature Extraction in Biomedical Samples using Polarimetric Terahertz Imaging
2116Multi-beam Antennas Based on Modified Luneburg Lens
1700Multi-Broadband Microstrip Antenna for LTE Smartphone Applications
2757Multi-label Cloud Segmentation Using a Deep Network
1157Multilevel Nonuniform Grid Time Domain Algorithm for Elongated Geometries
1660Multi-Material 3D Printed Gradient Dielectric Lens Antennas at mm-Wave Frequencies
1462Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing as an Enabling Technology for Antennas and Microwave Devices: An Overview
1095Multimode Horn for a Monopulse Subsystem
1500Multi-objective Optimization of Meta-atoms
2274Multiphysics Modeling of Crosstalk Effect in Graphene-Encapsulated Cu Nano-Interconnects
1304Multiple Scattering Points Generator for Multi-Target
2146Multiple Scattering Solution of Passive Radiative Transfer Equations Applied to Forests
1360Multiple Wedges Diffraction in Propagation Problems using the Generalized Wiener-Hopf Technique
1527Multiple-Polarized UHF RFID System for UAV Wireless Item Management
2448Multiple-Region FDTD Method for Multi-Angle Bi-Static Ground Penetrating Rader
1319Multiport Enhance Gain Shared Aperture Antenna for S/X-Band Synthetic Aperture RadarApplications
2101Multi-Scale Compressive Processing for Inverse Scattering within the Contrast Source Formulation
2024Multi-user Communication by Electromagnetic Vortex Based on Time Modulated Array
2210Mutual Coupling and Failure analysis in Phased Antenna Arrays
1896Mutual Coupling Compensation for Antenna Arrays Using the Theory of Characteristic Modes
2429Mutual Coupling Reduction in Wideband Electromagnetic Medical Imaging Antenna Array Using Compact Electromagnetic Band Gap
1729Nanometre-Scale Fabrication of Optical Metasurfaces Using Helium Ion Milling
2478Nature-Inspired Optimization of Aperiodic Metasurfaces for Antenna Beam-shaping
2195Near field Electromagnetic Cloaking of Monopole Antennas for Mutual Coupling Reduction using 3-D Confocal Elliptical Meta-Surface Cloaks
1704Near Field Focusing using a Circularly Polarized Reconfigurable Reflectarray
1395Near-field Array for Microwave Breast Tumor Detection
1118Near-Field Measurement Study for Over-the-Horizon Radar Transmit Beamformers
2350Negative Group Delay Folded Circuit with Distributed Broadside Parallel Line
1975New potential of a direct printed LoRa antenna
2515New Receiver Technology for Radio Astronomy: A Technology Update from CSIRO and FAST
2835Non-Contact Characterization of Antenna Parameters via Network Calibration
2388Non-Destructive Dielectric Constant Measurement of Low-Loss Dielectric Slabs Using Wideband Autocorrelation Radiometry
1565Non-Hermitian Doping of Epsilon-Near-Zero Media
2455Nonlocal Metasurfaces Performing Optical Signal Processing on Two Dimensional Images
2403Nonreciprocal Metasurfaces through Biasing with Circularly Polarized Waves
1208Nonreciprocal Radiation Pattern Metasurface Transformer
2166Nonreciprocal Transmission through Locally Time-Modulated Bianisotropic Metafilms
2541Non-Reciprocity Based on Synthetic Momentum Bias
1437Norm Optimization using Machine Learning Approach for Autofocus in mmWave SAR Imaging
1155Novel 1256-Element Circularly-Polarized Metal-Only Reflectarray Using Spiral Slots
2477Novel 3D Tx Coil Structure for Enhanced Positional Freedom in Wireless Charging for Round Object
2318Novel Closed-Form Layered Medium Greens Function Approximation Via Discretization of the Scattered Field Formulation of the Spectral Differential Equation
2289Novel Electromagnetic Scattering Model for Carbon Nanotube Composites using the Multilayer Green’s Function Approach
2490Novel Finite-Energy Spatiotemporally Confined Waves in Free Space and in the Presence of Temporal Dispersion
1383Novel High-Performance, Dual-Polarized, Crossed-Vertically-Fed Microstrip Antenna Array for Multifunction Phased Array Radar Application
2132Novel Integral Equation Formulation for the Analysis of Capacitive Step Discontinuities
1966Novel Reconfigurable Circularly Polarized Square Slot Antenna for underground mine
1903Novel SIE Formulations for Accurate and Stable Analysis of Near-Zero-Index Materials
1578Null Placement in Non Uniformly Excited Beam Steered Linear Array using Edge Element Control
1425Numerical Analysis of AIMD Lead Tolerances Using the Lead Electromagnetic Model
1059Numerical Analysis on Multipactor Effects in Coaxial Cables via Particle-in-Cell Algorithm
1053Numerical Cherenkov Instabilities in Kinetic Plasma Particle-in-Cell Simulations based on Structured and Unstructured Meshes
1615Numerical Investigation on Graphene Based Mantle Cloaking of a PEC Cylinder
2003Numerical Stability Analysis of M1-D LOD-FDTD Method for Inhomogeneous Coupled Transmission Lines
2783N-Way Spatial Power Combining in SIW for High Power Generation MMICs -Scalability Bounds
1743Oblique Incidence PML Reflection Analysis for Cylindrical FDTD
1663Oblique Thin wire for nonuniform FDTD method
1450Observed Q and Gravitationally-Small Antenna Behavior of a Binary Black Hole Radiator
2174Off-Body Dipole Antenna with Dogbone-Shaped AMC Bending on the Human Arm
1471Omega-bianisotropic Wire-Loop Huygens’ Metasurface for Wide-Angle Refraction
1739Omnidirectional Triple-Band Printed Dipole Antenna Based on a Dual Frequency SRRs
2746On a Refinement-Free Strategy for Preconditioning Electromagnetic Integral Equations in the High Frequency Regime
1876On a Unified Apporach Towards the Modeling of Nonlocal Hydrodynamic Non-classical Response from Plasmonic Nanotopologies
2611On Broadband Active Cloaking
1714On Changing the Impedance of a Reactive Surface Using Magneto-static Responsive Particles
1486On Classifiers for Feature-Based Automatic Modulation Recognition over D-STBC Cooperative Networks
1726On Elimination of Ill-posedness in the Inverse Problem via Separation of Partial Scattered Field Using New Antenna Array Concept
1255On Modal Excitation Using Capacitive Coupling Elements and Matching Network
2402On Propagation Losses due to In-Vivo Electromagnetic Nanoscale Communication
1273On Scattering of a Vector Cylindrical Wave by an Axisymmetric Semitransparent Reflector
1662On the Bandwidth of Loop Antennas using Characteristic Mode Analysis
2671On the Decoupling Robustness of Distributed Magnetic Traps in Biological Loaded Dual Tuned MR coils
1231On the design of metamaterial radar absorber applying AMC by controlling surface resistance
1746On the Distortion of UWB Circularly Polarized Time-Domain Pulses in Presence of Rotation
2650On the GPU/CPU Implementation of Direct Domain Decomposition Methods (D3M)
2100On the Integration of Antennas With Touch Sensor Panels
2637On the Location of Transverse Electric Surface Wave Poles for Electrically Thick Substrates
1549On the Non-Stationarity of Device to Device Channels with Dual Mobility in Indoor Environment
1498On the Performance of Polarimetric Subtraction Technique for the Detection of Bunkers in the Presence of Surface Clutter
1499On the Phase-Error Tolerance of Virtual Antenna Arrays in MIMO Radars
1716On the Placement of Particle Containing Cylindrical Cavities in a Grounded Dielectric Substrate to Change the Impedance of a Printed Reactive Surface
1373On the Surface Roughness and Smoothing in the 3D Printed THz Reflectors
2723On the Use of a Full-Wave Solver in the Solution of the Electroencephalography Forward Problem
2695On the Use of Machine Learning Strategies in Preconditioning Electromagnetic Integral Equations
1243On the Use of Truncated Surfaces In Rough Surface Scattering
2747On-chip Slot Ring Antenna Integrated with Voltage Controlled Oscillator at 140 GHz in 40nm CMOS Technology
2143One Dual-Polarization 10-40 GHz Planar Array Antenna For Sattellite Communication
1218Online Diagnostic Ultra-Wideband Antenna System in High Voltage Polymeric Insulator
1787Open Multi-Slot Wideband MIMO Antennas with Microstrip Feed Line for 4G LTE
2008Opportunistic Equivalent Sources for Field Synthesis - Potentialities and Future Trends
1985Optical Plasmonic Nano-Antennas Array for Energy Harvesting Applications
1495Optimal Coil Design for Maximum Power Transfer Efficiency in Resonantly Coupled Systems
2770Optimal Number of Coils for Wireless Power Transfer through Cascaded Resonator Systems
2030Optimal Synthesis of Maximally Robust Antenna Arrays by Means of Circular Interval Arithmetics
2085Optimal Synthesis of Wideband Beamforming Weights for Monopulse Tracking Radar - The Linear Array Case
1145Optimal Thinning Techniques of Antenna Phased Arrays for Dual Band Operation
2496Optimization of a Fully-Passive Neurosensor for Recording Neural Activity of a Free-Moving Animal: Characterization of Rat Skin Dielectric Properties
1959Optimization of a microwave tomography algorithm using the DDA as a fast forward solver
1736Optimization of A Wideband Planar Sparse Array Based on Danzer Aperiodic Tiling
1701Optimization of an Adaptive Antenna Array Excitations Employing Genetic Algorithm
1534Optimization of Array Antenna Power Patterns Using Woodward Lawson and Schelkunoff’s Polynomial Techniques
1696Optimization of Coplanar Waveguide Structure for Ultra Wideband Integrated Electro-optic Mach Zehnder Modulator
2019Optimization of Feed Chains and Large Reflectors
2782Optimization of microwave hyperthermia array applicators using field interpolation
2731Optimization of Rural Cellular Coverage on the Islands of Hawaii
2435Optimizing for Spatial Frequency Coverage vs. Point-Spread Function Sidelobe Level in Active Incoherent Microwave Imaging Arrays
1348Orientation insensitive UHF RFID Tag Antenna with polarization diversity using Characteristic Mode Analysis
2249Origami Multimode Ring Antenna Based on Characteristic Mode Analysis
2480Origami-Enabled Frequency Reconfigurable Dipole Antenna
1608Overview of 5G mm-Wave Antenna Design Solutions in Cellular Phones: AiP, AiA, and AiAiP
2520Overview of Dielectric Resonator Antennas for 5G Cellular Communication
1172Paraffin-Based RF Microsystems for Millimeter Wave Reconfigurable Antennas
2661Parallel Direct Domain Decomposition Methods (D3M) for Finite Elements
1878Parallel Subdomain Level DGTD Method with Load Balancing
1888Parallelization Efficiency of Multi-GPU In Core LU Decomposition of Dense Matrices
1422Parallel-Plate Waveguides Formed by Arbitrary Impedance Sheets
1142Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Channel Models using Temporal Moments
1225Parametric Analysis of a Dual Band Polarized Frequency Selective Surface
1154Passive Coil-Based Wearable Textile for Monitoring Cardiac Activity
2463Patch Antenna Array With Continuous Frequency and Polarization Tuning For 5G Mid-Band Communications
1375Path Loss and Directional Gain Measurements at 28 GHz for Factory Automation
1398Path loss compensated pattern diversity antennas for mmWave 5G indoor base stations
1128Path Loss Model as a Function of Antenna Height for 300 GHz Chip-to-Chip Communications
1096Patition Waveguide Slotted Array With Shaped Patterns
1037Pattern Reconfigurable Dielectric Resonator Antenna Actuated by Shorted Parasitic Elements
1131PCB Bowing Effects on 60 GHz Switched-Beam Antenna Modules
2819PEC Equivalence for Multi-Region FE-BI Hybrid
2682Peel-off and Stick Antennas for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1022Perfect Absorption by an Array of Lossy Dipoles Located Close to a Ground Plane
1591Perfect Penetrable Cloaking Using Gain-Less and Loss-less Bianisotropic Metasurfaces
1654Performance Analysis of Azimuth-Only Amplitude-Comparison DF System in Operational Scenarios
2436Performance analysis of full-duplex relaying over Rayleigh-Rician fading channels
1568Performance Analysis of Radially Polarized Conformal Array in DOA and Polarization Estimation
1356Performance Analysis of Time-modulated Array in Digital Communication System
2809Performance Comparison between Single and Multiple Implanted Receivers in a Hybrid Power/Data Transfer System
2122Performance Comparison of Silicon Substrates for IC-Waveguide Integration based on a Contactless Transition at mm-Wave frequencies
2231Performance Evaluation on Various Resistively Loaded Wrapped Bowtie Antenna
1399Performance evaluations of microwave snare
1179Performance of Multi-Arm Sinuous Antenna in Analog and Digital Angle of Arrival Estimation
2589Performance Parameter Optimization of Graphene Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors
1998Periodic Leaky-Wave Antenna with Modified Gielis-Shaped Patch Elements
2032Permittivity Characterization of Automotive Paint Material at W-Band Frequencies
2099Permittivity depth profile measurements of the Antarctic firn layer in the 0.4-2 GHz band
1987Phase-Controlled Beam-Scanning of Arbitrary Antenna Arrays with Far-Field Fixed Nulls
2793Phased Antenna Array Beamforming using Convolutional Neural Networks
2850Phased Array Antenna Element with Embedded Cavity and MMIC using Direct Digital Manufacturing
1463Phased Array Bandwidth Defined by Beam Squint and Pulse Dispersion
1981Phoenix cells reduced database construction for efficient reflectarray synthesis.
2373Physical Optics Modeling of Scattering by Checkerboard Structure for RCS Reduction
1745Physics-Oriented Statistical Analysis of Information Transmission in Wave-Chaotic Environments
2232Planar Frequency-Tunable Quad-Band Antenna with Independently Controllable Bands
2692Planar Vertically Polarized Quasi-Yagi Antennas Using Magnetic Current Loops
1703Plasmonic Metamaterial Based Dual-Band Filter
1152Plasmonic-Enhanced Graphene/III-V Hybrid Optical Diode
2145Point-to-Point Dielectric-Horn Integrated Resonator Antenna with Reduced Side-Lobe Level
1036Polarization and Bandwidth Reconfigurable Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna
2609Polarization Independent, Broad Angle Retro-Reflection with an Optical Meta-Grating
1536Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antenna With a Continuously Rotatable Polarization Plane
2636Polarization-Diversity Conformal VHF Antenna with Near-Perfect Radiation Efficiency for Small UAVs
2179Polarization-independent and broadband THz coherent perfect absorber based on black phosphorus bifacial metasurfaces
1195Potential-Based TDIEs for Dielectric Regions Using Magnetic Currents
1971Potentialities of Reduced Beamforming Antennas using Magneto-Electric Dipoles
2491Practical Considerations for Resonant Near Field Wireless Power Transfer over Common Ground
2749Predicting GPS-based PWV Measurements Using Exponential Smoothing
1791Predicting Instability of Transient Simulations, using Imaginary Part of Inverse Laplace Transform
1794Predicting Instability of Transient Simulations, using Real Part of Inverse Laplace Transform
2277Predicting MRI RF Exposure for Complex-shaped Medical Implants Using Artificial Neural Network
2170Prediction of Impulse Response of a Flexible Wide-band Antenna for WBAN Applications
2519Preliminary Scintillation Data Analysis of measurements done in CASPER West
1585Preliminary Study of a Cylindrical Microstrip Metasurface Using the State Space Method
1667Preliminary Study on Differences between Full- and Sub-Structure Characteristic Modes
1866Primary Beams of the MeerKAT Radio Telescope: Measurements and Simulations
1415Primitive Scatterer Reconstruction for Target Scattering in SAR images
2765Printed 5G Reconfigurable Wireless Modules Using Additive Manufacturing Techniques
1753Printed Cactus Monopole Antenna with Enhanced Impedance Bandwidth
2237Propagation Characteristics of a Reconfigurable Plasmonic Rectangular Groove Grating Waveguide Using Periodically Photoinduced Plasma
1521Propagation in a Temporally Modulated Transmission Line: Exotic Band Structures and Reconfigurable Applications
1560Propagation Modeling for Air-Ground Channel over Rough Sea Surface in Low Altitudes
2580Propagation of Low-Frequency Broadband Electromagnetic Field Waveforms in the Atmosphere
2846Pulse Generation using a Degenerate Band Edge Structure
2049Q-band Free-Space Setup for Measuring Dielectric Properties
2564Quantitative Evaluation on Memory Characteristics of High-Speed Railway Fading Channel
1407R. C. Hansen - His Life, His Awards and His Books
2364Radar Cross Section Reduction of A Foldable Microstrip Patch Array
2253Radar Design and Measurements at 77 GHz for Autonomous Vehicles
1631Radar Signal Synchronization by Multi-Layer Modularization Implementation of Phase Shifters in the Beamforming Network of Phased Array of Antennas
2713Radiation by Pistons on a Rigid Sphere in a Heterogeneous Ocean Acoustic Waveguide
2658Radiation Characteristics of an Antenna through a Plasma Flow with Ion Acoustic Instabilities
1821Radiation Efficiency Calculation of the Murchison Widefield Array Using a Power Wave Based Framework
2593Radiation from a Non-conformal Antenna Array on an Electrically Large Conducting Convex Surface
2696Radiation modes and fundamental limitations on MIMO antennas
1520Radiation of a Satellite Array Antenna in Dispersive Atmospheric Environments
2358Radiation of Forward and Backward Leaky Waves in Sinusoidally-Modulated Metasurfaces
2348Radiation Pattern Reconfigurable Horn Antenna
1113Random Media Effects on Reciprocity and Imaging
1108Range and Capacity Optimization of a 10GBps Access Point Employing 12 MIMO Chains
2275Rapid Material Characterization: A Deep Learning Approach
2181Rapidly Deployable Portable System for Real-Time Antenna Diagnostics and Characterization
2627RCS Enhancement Using Topology Optimization
2256RCS of Complex Targets via Compressive Sensing
1103RCS Reduction of a Microstrip Antennas Using Cross Polarization Conversion Metasurface
2311Real-Time Thermoacoustic Thermometry for Focused Microwave Therapy
1989Recent Advances in 1-D Leaky-Wave Antenna Theory
1570Recent Developments to the Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Method for 3-D Multiscale Problems
2784Reconfigurable Antenna Based on Liquid Crystals for Continuous Beam Scanning with a Single Control
1414Reconfigurable Antenna For Automotive Radar System
1529Reconfigurable Dipole Antenna Array with Wide Beam Coverage for UAV Communication
1633Reconfigurable Metamaterials Formed Through a Combination of Nanowire Assemblies with Top-down Fabricated Nanoantennas
1904Reconfigurable Metasurface Lens Thin Antenna with 3-State Unit Cells in 28-GHz Band
1229Reconfigurable OTA Chamber Design Optimization
2247Reconfigurable RF and Microwave Filter for Interference Mitigation
2380Reconfigurable RF Front-Ends for Collocated DSRC and Millimeter-Wave Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
1335Reconfigurable RHCP-to-LP Helical Antenna Made of Pure Water
2268Reconstruction of Anisotropic Dielectric Objects Based on Integral Equation Method
2484Recording Critical Epilepsy Indicators using a Fully-Passive Wireless System
2585Reduced Active Impedance Variation By Using Time Modulated Array
2476Reducing the effects of backscatter in reflection imaging through a particulate random medium
1368Reducing the Number of Phase Shifters in Circular Arrays of Circular Subarrays for a Wide-Scanning Pattern
2708Reduction of the Number of Phase Shifters in Linear Phased Antenna Arrays by using Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
2424Reflection Behavior of Metasurface Using Full-wave and Characteristic Mode Analyses
2577Reflection-Cancelling Dielectric Huygens' Metasurface Pair for Wideband Millimeter-Wave Beam-Forming
2474Reflectionless perfect absorber based on hybridization of electric and magnetic resonant modes
1592Reflector Antenna Optimisation with Multi-level Coordinate Search
2105Relation between Complex Propagation Constant and Complex Eigenmodes in Lossy Traveling-Wave Structures
1988Research on Electromagnetic Positioning Calibration Technology Based on Kriging Interpolation
2659Research on Evaluation Method of Cooperative Jamming Effect in Cognitive Confrontation
1419Research on Kernel Functions of SVM for NLOS/LOS Identification in Vehicle to Vehicle MIMO System
1589Research on Polarization-Reconfigurable Holographic Metasurface
2067Residual Error Based Mesh Refinement for Surface Integral Equations
1708Resonance Tuning Cost in Radiation Efficiency of Electrically Small Antennas
1480Retrieval of Subsurface Properties of Layered Dielectric Structures Using Hybrid Global and Local Optimization
1801Retro-directive Array Antenna With Conformal Structure for Short-range Microwave Power Transfer
2307Reversibly Reconfigurable Liquid Metal Antennas Using 3D Printed Microfluidics
2342RF Propagation Characterization in the Arctic
2843RFID Tag Localization for Tires using Support Vector Machine Learning
2111Ridge Gap Array Antenna with Inter-Element Spacing of a Wavelength
1174Rigid-Flexible Antenna Array (RFAA) for Cost-Effective Deployable Scanning Apertures
2730Rigorous analysis of a reciprocal PTD-symmetric structure supporting a back-scattering protected edge mode
2648Rigorous Analytical Model for Metasurface Microscopic Design with Interlayer Coupling
2135Ring Resonator Metamaterials for Radar Cross Section Reduction
2495Ringing Effects Due to Non-ideal Components in Direct Antenna Modulation Transmitters
1747Robert C. Hansen - Managing Antenna Expectations
2392Robert C. Hansen's Phased Antenna Array Contributions
2053Robust Fast Jamming Signal Nulling Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Implemented on FPGAs
2376Robust Method for Synthesizing Low-RCS High-Gain Antennas Using Metasurfaces
1196Role of Classical Time Domain CEM Methods for Quantum Electromagnetics
1502Role of the Parkes Radiotelescope in the First Moon Landing
1766Rotational Doppler Effect of Spinning Metasurface in Radar System
1891Rotman Lens-Based Fabry-Perot Resonator Antennas for Converged Multi-Mode OAM Beams
2086Scan Properties of Slot-Fed Dielectric Resonator Antenna Arrays for 5G Wireless Communications
2239Scattering at Interluminal Interface
2240SDR-Based Wireless Time Alignment for Coherent Distributed Beamforming
1761Search-Based Design of Digital Non-Foster Antenna Match for High-Speed Low-Impedance Converters
1042Selection of Incident Electric fields for Estimating the Calibration Factor of the Lead Electromagnetic Model
2669Series Chained Patch Phased Array Antenna for mmWave 5G Mobile in Metal Bezel Design
2151Serrodyne frequency translation using time-modulated metasurfaces
2849Ship and Wake Scattering Characteristics in S-Band Range-Doppler Maps at Low Grazing Angles
2445Signal Enhancement for Ferromagnetic Resonance Measurement of Magnetic Nanowire array
1432Signal to Noise Ratio Budget of a Pico-Seconds Pulsed Radar System for Stand-Off Imaging
2681Silver Nanowire based Flexible, Transparent, Wideband Antenna for 5G Band Application
2461Simplified Synthetic Electrode Strategy for Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography
1827Simulation and Experiment of a Loaded Ultra-small Symmetric Dipole Antenna
1831Simulation Design of Beam-scanning Self-phase-shift Dipole Array Based on Liquid-metal Materials
1487Simulation Design of Dual Band Metamaterial Absorber Based on the Fractal Structure
2688Simulation of a switched electrically small antenna using FDTD-XSPICE
1642Simultaneous High Data Rate Communication and Highly Efficient Wireless Power Transfer Through a Coplanar Link
2539Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR): Circulators Versus Nonreciprocal Antennas
1669Simultaneous Wireless Power & Data Transmission for Wearable Applications
1129Single Antenna Beam Scanning via Reconfigurable Vanadium Dioxide (VO2) Metasurface
1031Single Antenna Changeover Switch for UHF RFID Communications and RF Energy Harvesting
1112Single-coil Dual-band Transmitting Antenna Design for Wireless Capsule Endoscopic Communication
2488Singular Integration by Interpolation (SIBI) for Integral Equations: A Tensor Decomposition Approach
1312Sinuous Antenna Design for UWB Radar
1216SIW-Backed Array with Compensated Mutual Coupling for Wide-Angle Scanning
1673SIW-to-Mini-Coaxial Vertical Transition for Low Profile MM-Wave PCB-to-PCB Assembly
1465Slot Antenna Design with Optimized On-Body Pattern for Eyewear Applications
1620Slot Based Frequency Reconfigurable and UWB Sensing MIMO Antennas for CR Applications
1686Slot-Excited Wideband Horn Antenna with Microstrip Line Feeding for Ka-Band Applications
2267Slow light at the nanoscale based on active epsilonnear- zero plasmonic waveguides
2812SNO and mBBO Optimization Methods for beam scanning Reflectarray Antennas
1091Solving Cybersecurity Problem by Symmetric Dual-Space Formulation—Physical and Cybernetic
2168Solving Realistic Multiscale and Composite Problems using an Integral Equation Domain Decomposition Approach
1123Space-time modulated cloaks for breaking reciprocity of antenna radiation
2483Space-time Parallel Methods for Multiscale Transient Electromagnetic Problems
1030Sparse Recovery with Predictable Accuracy in Noisy Spherical Antenna Near-Field Measurements
1721Sparse-aperture qualitative inverse scattering using a multipole formulation
2180Sparse-Regular Array Design for SKA Mid Frequency Aperture Array
1624Spatial characterization of the ambient backscatter communication performance in line-of-sight
2754Special Functions for Radiation from Sources Close to an Electrically Large Conducting Convex Surface
1705Spectrum Occupancy Using Cyclostationary Detection
1168Spinning Magnets in Electromagnetic Education
1510Split Ring Loaded Dual-polarized Dielectric Resonator Antennas
2838Spread Spectrum Techniques for Interference Mitigation in Large Bandwidth
2339Spread-Spectrum Camouflaging based on Time-Modulated Metasurface
2449Statistical Bayesian Inversion of Ultra-deep Electromagnetic LWD Data: Trans-dimensional Markov Chain Monte Carlo with Parallel Tempering
1501Steerable Spiral Slot Reflectarray at 66 GHz Using Micromachined Movable Silicon Slab
1763Structural Effect on Image Quality Degradation in Ground-Penetrating Radar Array
1295Study of 3D printed antennas with PBG
1364Study of 3D printed HoneyComb Microwave Absorbers
2773Study of a Method for Increasing Isolation Between Closely Spaced Elements integrated in Multi-Standard Multi-Antenna Systems
1969Study of Active VSWR in a reduced BFN antenna array
2443Study of Bending Effects on a Dual-Band Implantable Antenna
2521Study of Carbon Nanotube Antennas
2077Study of interconnecting switch currents in reconfigurable parasitic layer antennas
2486Study on Different Representations of Contrast for Inverse Scattering Problems
1329Study on Full-duplex Channel Characteristic for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Used in Phased Array
1884Study on the Fluorescence spectra characteristics and Growth curve of Escherichia coli
1997Suitability of Consumer Software-defined Radios for Precompliance Radiated Emissions Testing
2646Surface Integral Equation for the Combined Simulation of Borehole and Fractures
2285Surface Reconstruction of Large Reflector Antennas Based on a Hybrid of CMA-ES and HIO Algorithms
2628Surface-Volume-Surface Electric Field Integral Equation for Solution of Scattering Problems on 3D Composite Metal-Dielectric Objects
1087Susceptibility of Nanoparticles Studied by Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert and Snoek’s Equations
2326Suspended Highly-efficient On-chip Phased Array Antenna at 60 GHz
1915Synthesis of 2-D Shaped Beams through Generic Fixed-Geometry Arrays: A New Hybrid Approach
2310Temporal HF Noise Cross-Correlation Trends in San Diego Waters
1702Terahertz Plasmonic Metamaterial Based Multi-band Band-Pass Filter Using Micro-Ring Resonator
2009Terrestrial Trunked Radio Propagation Simulation in Subways
2309Textile Antenna Arrays and their Environmental Durability
1784The Bifocal Microwave Microscope
1374The Dawn of Spacetime Metamaterials
2570The Dual Weighted Residual and Error Estimation in Double Higher-Order FEM
2034The Effect of Antenna in the Forward Model of Near Field Microwave Imaging Systems
1684The Flipped Classroom Approach to Engineering Electromagnetics: A Case Study
2361The Future of Backscatter in Precision Agriculture
1404The High Efficiency and Low Cost Massive MIMO Array Antenna for Sub- 6GHz 5G Base Station
1776The Huygens’ Box Antenna: Metasurface-Based Directive Antenna Beam-Steering with Dramatically Reduced Elements
2759The Influence of Satellite Links over 5G mmWave Terrestrial Channel in Typical Urban Scenario
1429The Observable Field for Generalized Incident Fields
1777The Onset of Grating Lobes in Arrays of Electrically Large Apertures: A Study for Lenslet Arrays
1657The Radiative Transport Theory – Mobile-to-Mobile Communication in a Trunk Dominated Forest: Probability Density of the Received Intensity
2010The SKA Aperture Array Verification System: Measured Digitally-Beam-Formed Radiation Patterns
2029The Square Kilometre Array Observatory
1223The Tesla Antenna and its Unique Design
2071The Use of Singular Basis Functions for Precise EM Analysis of Axially Symmetric Metallic Antennas
2711Theoretical Modal Analysis of Square Waveguides filled with Effectively Skew Uniaxial Media
1901Theory and Design of an Array of Skewed Stacked Dipoles
1376Theory of Electromagnetic-Based Communication within Bacterial Communities
2707Theory of Horizontal Dipole Over a Dielectric-Coated Impedance Surface
2623Theory of Vertical Dipole Over a Dielectric-Coated Impedance Surface
1132Thick Frequency Selective Surfaces for High Power Microwave Applications
2027Thinning of Interconnected Wide Band Array
2638Three-Dimensional Bandstop Frequency-Selective Structures Based on Gielis-Shaped Loop Resonator
1848Three-dimensional Joint Inversion of Acoustic and Electromagnetic Data Based on Contrast Source Inversion
1473Three-dimensional Nanoantenna Inverse-design
2219THz MIMO Channel Characterization for Wireless Data Center-Like Environment
1645Tight Bounds on the Bandwidth of Small Multiresonant Electric Dipole Antennas
2802Tiling of Supershaped Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures
2536Time-Domain Force and Hidden Momentum for a Perfectly Conducting Sphere
1724Time-Domain Matching for Broadband VLF/LF Electrically-Short Radiators
1125Time-modulated reflective metasurface for the control of the reflected signal frequency
2272Time-Varying Phase Control for Frequency Translation
2504Topological Delay Lines
2616Topological electromagnetics in complex scenarios: Non-reciprocal, non-Hermitian, non-linear, and non-local material structures
2818Topological Metasurfaces for Robust One-dimensional Waves
2224Topological photonics via non-Abelian Berry phases
2529Topology Optimization for Maxwell Solvers
2535Toward Large-Scale Dynamically Reconfigurable Apertures Using Graphene
2056Towards Black-Box Direct Domain Decomposition Methods
2513Towards Decreasing Side Lobes Produced by Near-Field Phase Gradient Metasurfaces
2410Towards Generalized Transistor-based Magnetless Nonreciprocal Metasurface
1193Transient Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering by Penetrable Objects Based on Time-Domain PMCHWT Equations
1616Transient Diffraction Mechanism of Electromagnetic Scattering from Conducting Bodies based on the Approximation of Physical Optics
1626Transmission Line Models of Planar Slot Antennas
2411Transmissive Suppressed-Order Diffraction Grating (SODG)
1181Transmit Beamforming Based on 4D Antenna Arrays with Pseudo-Random Orthogonal Time Sequences
2221Transmit Pattern Analysis for Active Incoherent Microwave Imaging
1176Transmitarray based Metasurface Lens Antenna
2444Transmit-Receive Antenna Isolation Using a Passively Tuned Balun for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) Applications
2728Transparent Dielectric Slabs Using Complementary Double Near Zero Slabs
2667Transparent Microstrip Antennas for CubeSats
1455Triangular and Rectangular SIW Microstrip Antennas
2154Truncating Matrx-free Time-Domain Method with PML for Solving 3-D Open Region Problems
2397Tunable 3D-Printed Coaxial-Cavity Filters with Mixed Electromagnetic Coupling
1640Tunable Hybrid Terahertz Metamaterials Based on VO2 Phase Transition
1707Tunable Multiband Devices Based on ON/OFF Switches in Metamaterials SOR for WIFI Application
2839Tunable True Time Delay Engine for UWB mm-Wave Beamforming
2301Tuning Range Enhancement of a Frequency-Agile Tri-band Slot Antenna
2297Turntable ISAR Imaging of a Circular Array
2523Two Element Series Fed Origami Antenna
1408Two-Element Compact Antenna Arrays using Decoupling Networks and Phase Shifters for Four-Branch Switching Diversity
1299Two-Port, Common Aperture, High-Isolation, Dual-Polarized Sub-Millimeterwave Antenna System Based on Spatial Power Divider
1370Two-Way Phase Shifter with Equal Phase Shift
1445Tx/Rx Reflectarray for Multiple Spot Beam Applications in Ka-band
1719UHF Mountain Propagation: Measurements and Modelling
1358UHF rectenna for implanted and free space communications
2039Ultra Wideband Balanced Feeds for Scanning Arrays
2551Ultra-compact wave-based solvers for fractional-calculus equations
1444Ultra-Deep Sub-Wavelength Mode Confinement in Graphene Waveguides
1868Ultra-Low Power Pulse Width Detector for RF Wake-Up Receivers
1688Ultra-Low-Loss, Binary-State Elements for a Mechanically Actuated Reconfigurable Reflectarray
1345Ultra-Wideband Antenna Array based on Orbital Angular Momentum
2418Ultra-Wideband Frequency Reconfigurable RF Front-End with Bandwidth Tunability
1339Ultra-wideband Non Reciprocal Devices in Space-Time Modulated Transmission Lines
1349Ultra-wideband Planar Marchand Balun Design for the Pyramidal Sinuous Antenna
2787Ultra-wideband RCS Reduction Based on Reflection Phase Cancellation and Tunable Absorption
2634Ultra-Wideband, Glass Package-Integrated Power Dividers for 5G and mm-Wave Applications
1781Uncertainty Evaluation of Rydberg Atom-based RF E-field Metrology
2097Uncertainty Quantification of Radio Propagation Models Using Artificial Neural Networks
2578Underwater Deployment and Performance of Curved Spiral Antennas in Mussel Backpacks
2176Unidirectional Bowtie Array Antenna with Titled Beams for Base Station Applications
2218Uniplanar Rectenna Designs Matched with either Active or Passive DC-to-DC Converter
2110User Proximity Analysis of Compact PIFA for MIMO Applications
1119Using MIMO to Extend the Operating Band of Over-the-Horizon Radar Transmit Beamformers to Lower Frequencies
1712Utilization of Symmetries in Method of Moments
2430UWB Antenna Printing on Glass Substrates Using Cost Effective Copper Foils
1603UWB Impedance Matching by Temporal Switching
1958UWB Millimeter-Wave 180 degree Hybid Couplers
1222UWB Modified Elliptical Antipodal Vivaldi antenna array fed with four stage Wilkinson Power Divider
2528UWB Reconfigurable RF Self-Interference Cancellation Filter for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive System
1853UWB Rotation Scanning System for Breast Imaging
2314Variability of Evaporative Duct Properties and EM Signal Propagation Utilizing Large Eddy Simulations
1115VHF notch antenna integrated in an aircraft winglet
2004Virtual Drive Testing based on Automotive Antenna Measurements for Evaluation of Vehicle-to-X Communication Performances
1637VO2-based Active Terahertz Chiral Metamaterials
1609Voltage Doubler Rectenna Design with Service Waves Suppression
1284Voronoi Tessellation Optimization
2473Vortex-Beam Emitter Based on Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons
1064W band Substrate-integrated Slot Antenna-in-package Using Higher Order Mode
1213Water-Table Detection in a Hyper-Arid Region
1676Waveguide Surface on Textile for Body Area Network
1775Waveguide-Fed Lens Based Beam-Steering Antenna For 5G Wireless Communications.
1411Waveport Modeling for DGTD Method and Its Applications
2416Wearable Electromagnetic Head Imaging Using Magnetic-based Antenna Arrays
2363Wide Angle Beam Steering Cylindrical Parabolic Reflector with Phased Array as a Feed Source for Ku-Band Applications
1839Wide-angle scanning conformal array antenna based on the QCTO
1410Wide-Angle Scanning Phased Array Antenna
1332Wideband 3D Printed Conformal Dielectric Antenna with End-fire Radiation
1583Wideband Anisotropic Unit Cell Design for Perfect Cross-Polarization Conversion
1351Wideband Aperiodic Linear Array Synthesis with MOEA/D
2629Wideband BPF for 5G mm-wave Applications with Detailed Extraction of Poles and Zeros
1300Wideband CDM Transceiver Performance in Presence of Multiple Interference Scenarios
1315Wideband Design of Feed Structure for 2×2-Element Waveguide Slot Arrays by Filter Design Theory
1281Wide-band holographic radar for target imaging
2795Wideband In-Situ Measurement of Soil Electrical Parameters Using Planar Dipole Antennas
2464Wideband Low-Profile Quasi-Yagi Antenna Using Artificial Magnetic Conductor
1291Wideband Matching of Closely Spaced Arrays Using a Simplified Algorithm
2385Wideband Metasurface for Microwave Energy Harvesting
1071Wideband Millimeter-Wave Dielectric Resonator Antenna
1556Wideband Multilayer 45-Degree Polarizer (2 - 6GHz)
2437Wideband Near-Zone Radiative Signal Collector System for Detection of Electromagnetic Emission From Distributed Sources
1885Wideband Omnidirectional Circularly Polarized Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Applications Using Printed Artificial Anisotropic Polarizer
2208Wideband Optically-steered phased array antenna using a Dual-Electrode Mach-Zehnder Modulator
2503Wideband Printed Antenna Arrays for 5G Mobile Applications
2538Wideband printed ridge gap waveguide differential feeding aperture antenna for millimeter wave applications
1994Wideband Propagation Channel Measurements in an Indoor Office Environment at 26 GHz
2298Wide-Band Series-Fed Patch Antenna Array with Low Side Lobes
2198Wideband Single-Pixel THz Imager in 28nm CMOS
1790Wide-band slot Antenna on metal bezel for covering 28/39GHz in 5G Communication System
1257Wideband Two-Beam Antenna array Fed by Modified Butler Matrix
1424Wideband Vector Antenna using Radiation Pattern Reconfigurability for 3-D Direction Finding
2552Wideband, Wide Angle Radome Design for mm-Wave Automotive Radar Systems
2191Wireless Frequency Synchronization for Coherent Distributed Antenna Arrays
1537Wireless Power Transfer for Medical Implants
1606Wrist-Worn RFID Antenna Printed on Additive Manufactured Flexible Substrate
1820X-Band Archimedean Spiral Antenna Array with Sloped-Wall Backing Cavity
2573X-Band Reconfigurable Reflectarray Element using Frequency Selective Surface
1252X-Band Reflective Electromagnetic Beam Controling Metasurfaces
2250X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar in SmallSats: Developing a Deployable Phased Array at SmallSat Timescales
2543X-Band Waveguide Coupler with Low Ripple and Losses
2173Zagorodnov Conformal Particle In Cell Simulations
1230Zero-Forward Scattering for Omnidirectional Incidence using non-Hermitian Particles